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cnt ply
Im just wondering how everyone blinks in 4-5 min maps because every time i play them my eyes get incredibly sore. Is this just a problem that everyone has?
On Tv size maps i take a long blink during long sliders but i always sliderbeak when doing that.
I guess this is a weird question... :(
Vuelo Eluko
If you are reading properly you have more than enough buffer to blink without messing up, especially at low (<10) ar. I've seen people glance at stream chats while in the middle of a hard map and respond to stuff without breaking combo, and this takes longer than blinking. Maybe it's a different story at like ar11 but I think you are fine. Blink away.
You will get used over time.
Tad Fibonacci
Just stop worrying about when to blink and blink as usual and you'll be fine.
Just blink normally and you usually should be ok. Sliders are also good places to blink if you are consciously controlling it.
i used to have the same problem until I sit straight and raise my head up.
Blink to the beat
I've never had problems with blinking while playing, what an odd bunch y'all are.
i have this problem when i am sleepy, though, when i play outside the nighttime its fine
You don't have to worry about blinking, if you keep your eyes closed
Depending on the difficulty of the map i blink at different times but I usually do it during breaks
I sometimes have problems with blinking but that's only when my eye's are dry. Maybe put in some eye drops or lower your brightness.

In the Radeon settings app there is an eye rest option which has helped me out considerably.
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