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Ok I know this is probably a question asked by a lot of new players but I have a really bad problem where I would play a map and fc it for about 3/4 or further into the song and then I just miss and I literally don't know how to stop choking. I know the most used answer for these types of questions is just "learn how to deal with nerves", but usually I'm not even that nervous and I just choke back to back. If u check my top plays u will see a lot of them are A's and just TV size maps. You'd probably think I'm a dirty farmer or something, but I have had countless chokes on 5-10 minute songs and it just pisses me off. I've only been playing osu! since September 2018 (I created my account in april but got like 20 minutes of play time but I've only started actually playing recently) and I know I just need to play more but I keep getting more and more demotivated the more I choke. So I would just appreciate if I can just figure out what I'm doing wrong exactly. Is it my nerves? Is it just a phase? please let me know what you think I can do. I'm sorry I don't mean to be one of those annoying noobs but I really just need some help,
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