what are your fav mechanical key switches?

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Eta Carinae
I've played with Razer Greens and Cherry MX Reds so far and I do like the reds better, mostly because they are linear and thus without a tactile bump, also the actuation point is a little lower than on the greens as far as I know.
Personally I prefer my off-brand red switches I have on my $20 mechanical keyboard, they're still better than Romer-G
Cherry mx brown <3
cherry mx red are sex fo sho
I've only ever used red switches. I really don't like them all too much tbh. It was very hard to get used to typing without fat-fingering. I really like the clickiness sound of blues, but I'd probably get annoyed after a while. I might get browns soon.
Right now I'm really loving the Romer G Tactile from Logitech G Pro keyboards. It is better than Cherry MX Reds in my opinion.
I like typing letters so i got a blue outemu switches, it feels really nice to type on and has the same clicking noise just like the cherry mx blues. I don't really recommend for gaming because of it's activation point (or whatever its called). But for me, I enjoyed gaming with it.
I've only used mx blue, but I hear that browns are good.
holy panda's or vintage blacks
Cherry MX red, because they are the only ones that i have atm. Maybe I should try something alse but yeah
mx brown or red are N O I C E
As a fairly decent mania player, I have to admit that I kinda took the high-route and bought a little tool on Etsy that has enabled me to have pretty much nearly every Cherry switch on the tool, except for Cherry MX Super Blacks, but my personal favorite is the Cherry MX Silvers, they just feel really nice, below that is browns.
Red :l
"Tactile, non-clicky switches

Tactile switches provide, as the name suggests, additional tactile feedback as the key actuates. As you press the key down, there is a noticeable bump which lets you know that your key press has been registered"

Actually got some cheap Brown switches and i like them a lot

My first was blue switches and they sounds great and typing with them was a pleasure but
they are horrible for osu tho, tactile and blue need a lot more click force to activate so...

im looking forward to get mx reds
For osu: Cherry Red and Black(idk why, but I'm in love with it)

Cherry MX speed silver. only keys i've ever used and they feel really nice so i'm not all that bothered to switch to anything else.
- Roman -
i've always used blue switches, a lot of people hate on blues but i personally like them alot. there tactile, clicky, mechanical, satisfying to click, and fun to type on. even for osu i used blues, but imo the best for specifically osu are reds, you need less force to activate the switch, and i find myself single tapping a lot faster with reds.
i'm a razer guy and i use all of the razer switches depending on the game i play
for osu! i use green
Currently using brown switches, cuz i think its not heavy for mine
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