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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 11:45:14 PM

Artist: Munimuni
Title: Kalachuchi
Tags: tagalog filipino pilipino marilag records and productions indie rock makata pop opm folk plumeria
BPM: 105
Filesize: 11564kb
Play Time: 06:04
Difficulties Available:
  1. Ekstra (5.66 stars, 1085 notes)

Download: Munimuni - Kalachuchi
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Ang Kalachuchi ay isang bulaklak na namumukadkad sa panahon ng tag-araw.

mp3 Ikikaera | timing help moph

After multiple attempts to rank this map, I decided to deliberately decided to wait for May to rank it. The song's setting is in May (Mayo), as you can hear in the very first lines.

The Combo colors are based on the main lyrics of the chorus; 'Kalachuchi, puti at dilaw (white and yellow), dahil sa init (because of the heat), bumabalik ang dugo (the blood returns) (yes the direct translation is really corny, this is just how I understand it in English lol). White and yellow signify the Kalachuchi or Plumeria flower, and Red signfies blood. We can also associate blood to life, which is why I chose to make the ending with full-on red combo colors

02:51:597 - to 03:08:718 - The movement of this section is significantly referenced to the Music Video of Kalachuchi, in which a girl is dancing around the compound. This feeling of 'dancing around' is replicated by walking around the playfield. it's a niche and small detail that only caters to mappers that are heavily into Munimuni, which is probably only me LOL

00:17:338 - to 00:34:480 - Whenever Kalachuchi is performed live (I've never seen it live but saw in Youtube) the band and the audience claps to the beat. Tried to replicate this by using clap hitsounds (ofc)

The song repeats the same lines over and over again, but notice how not even one section in the song feels/plays the same? This was done by avoiding the same concepts per section

I chose a background that was a bit unusual. This is because the song itself caters to a small audience so I decided to pair it with something of similar uniqueness

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