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Post your map here and I will mod it, good luck! :)

Note that if your map has obvious flaws (i.e. you don't know how to map), I will not mod it. :o

If you want to learn how to map, message me in-game and I can help you! :P
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/927693#osu/1937674
QOTW:I love mostly techno and streams or just interesting maps or just music which I like regardless of mapping
:D Hello Project Railgun, here's my request, thanks!

Artist - Title: Kicco - Amazing Sky
Length: 4:24
Number of diffs: 4
Bpm: 150
Highest diff: 4.66*
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/782115#osu/1642431

QOTW: What kind of maps do you play and why?
Ans: I prefer playing maps that have clear and neat patterns (like jonathanlfj's maps), playing or just watching the neat patterns makes me feel comfortable.

Nomination Rules Check:

1. Your map must have at least 5 hypes: Already got 7 hypes

2. You must have at least 200 kudosu OR someone that modded your map has at least 200 kudosu: I don't have 200 kudosu but some modders modded my map have over 200 kudosu: DeepSeaK, Cami, Asuka_-, Dored, _Epreus, leo16834, walaowey, Sparhten, Jval93700

3. Answer the following:
  1. What makes your map special? Ans: I think my map has nothing very cool patterns, but it looks very clear and neat, e.g. good-looking blankets, smooth flows, location-calculated and angle-calculated notes and sliders that look comfortable. Also all of diffs are made by me, and it has storyboard created by me as well.

  2. Why do people enjoy your map? Ans: I think a player who loves tidy jumping patterns, or takes the orderliness seriously will enjoy my map. Or someone who loves anime/eroge songs will do too. Also it's an easy map that the low level players can enjoy the higher diffs (the highest one is AR8 because I think it suits the song style) as well.

Thanks again! Hope you will enjoy my map! :)

Edit: Some screenshots of the highest diff played by me:

NM req


QOTW: What kind of maps do you play and why?

I like playing maps that have interesting rhythms, and i tend to play longer maps
All my difs are done, but I feel like they need some good polishing before it gets ranked.

I like to play old AR8 maps since they're a nice change from the usual.

As a player I like challenging 4-5* maps that usually tries to be different whether it be through reading difficulties, rhythm difficulties, or unconventional pattern while still looking aesthetic to me. Gimmicky maps are just generally cool when done properly.

Also old maps because they usually fuck up rhythms so bad it becomes a reading challenge xd
I like gimmicky maps and maps that reflects changes in music through visuals and gameplay. They are cool and nice to play and look at.


Thx <3

hi, nm plz

I like to play the map that have nice flow and content different pattern,
thank you
https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/920728 nm pls thanks in advance c:
lately i play a lot of 1/4th jump maps and finger control stuff
Closed for now
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