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2019 is the year I nominate maps.

About me:
  1. Modding since 2013
  2. Modded over 200 sets before modding v2
  3. Has played at least half of the sets in the ranked section (2007-2018, short ver, full songs, marathons, memes, etc.)
  4. Will apply for BN later this year (so if I like your map and it isn't ranked yet, I will probably nominate it)

About you:
  1. You have a finished set
  2. You want your map ranked

  1. There are no rules, just post your map. Bonus points if you include a screenshot of you or someone else that played your map. Also, answer the question of the week (QOTW) below. That way I can tell who you are as a person.

QOTW: What kind of maps do you play and why?

Nomination Policy

I can't become a BN without acting like one, so if you think your map is ready for nomination, read the rules below. Then, if your map is good enough, I will help you get your map nominated (or I will nominate it myself after I become BN).

  1. Your map must have at least 5 hypes
  2. You must have at least 200 kudosu OR someone that modded your map has at least 200 kudosu
  3. Answer the following:
    1. What makes your map special?
    2. Why do people enjoy your map?

Note that my mods do not guarantee a nomination. If you want a re-check, ask for one.
Here I will keep track of aspiring mappers with no ranked maps. I will also keep track of maps I think are ready for the ranked section.

List of notable mappers with no ranked maps:
  1. QazseWsxdr
  2. Heratikus
  3. Rin Sa

List of notable maps ready for nomination:
Maps I want to re-check (post in my queue whenever you want):
  1. ClariS - CheerS (TV Size) by 106462910

can m4m if you have a map

what is this psychoanalysis lol
just wanna make maps that are fun and can express the music well, prefer to map stuff/music osu doesnt have much of
hi nm request

what i value the most in mapping: making maps that i can play and enjoy
NM please
answer: Rythm>Flow=Song representation>Playability>Aesthetic


i like flow, thx ;)
Most important in mapping is that the map should reflect the song, which is to say rhythm and aesthetics are what I value most.

Thank you!

I want to express my true feeling of the music~~

I don't really wanna write an essay but if I want to answer as honestly as possible, its inevitable. (lmao)

The thing I value the most about mapping is that mapping is a way of the mapper or any person to share their views on a certain song or tune. In mapping, you are given absolute freedom as to what flow, interpretation, rhythm representation and feeling you want others to experience. I myself got into mapping so I could share with people my opinion on the songs I map. But hey, I sTiLl SuCk At It BuT I AtLEasT TrY tO iMpRovE.

the most important bit of mapping is PP

im kidding

i reckon it's following the music and making a map that can express the song in its own way - and make the player feel as if they're playing a proper map fit just for that song instead of some general template used for some difficulties

also: can m4m if a map comes up
NM, for ranked mapset, there is 4 difficulties at all, with hitsounds all of the difficulties.
Thanks in advance.

What value me the most in mapping you say? Um i could tell that somehow my friend just got me in the mapping, at first i didn't like it, but when i mapped and mapped and mapped,i finally said to myself, that i like mapping, and the value is that, i like mapping and my friend that got me into mapping, i'm very greatful to him. Peace.

Mitchie M - Birthday Song for Miku

The most important part of mapping is creating a map that follows the music. The map should also look clean and provide a fun experience for players. Sometimes, the mapper can also design patterns that intentionally troll the player and make them break combo or have terrible accuracy, since some players enjoy reading and rhythm challenge.


aesthetics all the way baby

(flow is important too, but it doesnt need to be comfortable all the time)

nm req thanks!

I dont map stuffs if I dont think I will get fun on it. so happiness i guess?
NM Request!
What I value most in mapping is mapping a song that can represent myself and a fandom well^^
Thank you :)

QOTW: How the map feels. That a mapper tries to do more than a series of circles and sliders and actually tries to express something with their choice of patterns.
I have a finished mapset, I also want this set to be my first ranked map.

NM request!

QOTW: Honestly what I value you most in mapping is the map's ability to express the music without seriously impacting gameplay and how fun it is to play. What I mean by fun is the diversity in its rhytmic patterns and still be engaging to the plaster without making them rage quit or leave it boredom. Although my map isn't that, it's is really generic. However, I also value comfortability to play and flow and aesthetics in mapping
NM request for this full mapset

QQTW: What I value in mapping the most is the mapper themselves show their interest in the music they map no matter what. Because of that, most new mappers always get back up after a bunch of mods/suggestions and never giving up on polishing their own maps

P.S: I have no RANKED or LOVED map at all but I'll never give up to get at least one
https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/867992#osu/1862860 hii NM please owob

QQTW: the representation of music is important to me, i dislike maps that could easily be put on a different song without a notable difference
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