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^No, my country is cold but not cold enough
<i'm going to mwc 4k, not this year tho
>i cant interfere with it but you have the right to decide
vhates himself/herself for being a terrible osu player
^ you should've stopped yourself half of the way there, heh.

…nah. not really, but i don't really like myself by any means.

< struggling to do anything decent right now.

> tired.

v you're not a procrastinator.
^ nope, i usually procrastinate every now and then. i sometimes get very frustrated
< currently practicing sketching but i'm struggling to do so, just recently got a graphic tablet
> i have to do now .-.
v you've probably never had a sleep paralysis
^ No... I've had sleep paralysis quite often.
< I have a bad fear of balloons, due to one popping in front of my face when I was 5-9. Funny fear, but no fun when you have it.
> its time to play the WiiWii!
v what would be complete nostalgia fuel for you?
^ short version: literally anything nostalgic.
< planning to try to get a job at round1 at the westfield southcenter in tukwila, once i get a work permit/am 16. i'd have to take a late shift though, since it's an hour away.
> 新曲リスト
新曲雑記 (オリジナル・BEMANI / FLOOR採用 / EXIT・DWANGO・東方アレンジ他)
新曲詐称・逆詐称・個人差譜面リスト (Lv14~15譜面リスト / Lv16~17譜面リスト / Lv18~20譜面リスト)
旧曲リスト (楽曲 / エフェクト / ジャケット)
旧曲詐称・逆詐称・個人差譜面リスト (Lv14~15譜面リスト / Lv16~17譜面リスト / Lv18~20譜面リスト)
旧曲変更点 / 削除曲リスト
v likes sdvx music, but not to the point where they'll only listen to sdvx music (as in only the songs directly from the games and not the content created by the producers)
^maybe, i like rhythm game music
<edgy irl
v you know how to code an entire game
^ nope. I took one semester of python / c++ coding though

< I've been procrastinating sleeping. It's becoming a problem.

> "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."
-George Bernard Shaw

V You watched at least 1 episode of anime today
^ I just woke up a few hours earlier so no, I might though.

< I'm hungry. I want some donuts. Jelly filled are my favorites. Nothing beats a good jelly filled donut.

> We all make choices but in the end our choices make us.

V You are a well known person in the forums.
^ i dunno. around FG, i can't really deny that, but in general, i think i'm still rather unknown to most.

< stressed about a ton of shit. i'm sticking around, trying to relax and distract from shit the best i can.

> being unable to express oneself can be pretty shitty.
ideas form best when when you can't do a thing.

tired before it even got to the nitty gritty,
but at least i've got more ideas to bring.

...until someone posts in Thread Necromancy 2 minutes before i finish my damn poem, meaning i'll have to wait another 40 minutes or so. fuck.

v You've posted in Thread Necromancy.
^ not at all
< i've got a bit better at sketching but far from being neat
> mistakes shows that you're trying
v you've played a musical instrument before
^ yes, I played trombone for a year or two in gradeschool, and I'm attempting to learn the piano right now

< I have work at 8am and it's 2am right now. I'm very smart

> "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."
- Colin Powell

V Your favorite game is an RPG?
^ One of, currently.
< I didn't eat breakfast this morning, since I was still fed from the night prior, and got shit for accepting an invitation to go out and watch a movie from my mom.
> I like cracking my arm.
v You have an idea about what's wrong with my ava, and would like to tell me about said problem.
^ Ehm... not really. I think it's fine as is, though if there's anything... uhhhh... I suppose it's the 'space' around the character the camera's focused on? With the other character to the right of the frame, the avatar no longer looks exactly 'balanced', if you know what I mean (though it's actually balanced well enough, it could be a bit better somehow?). It would either need the character to the right redacted, or for something to be added to the left. That's about as nitpicky as I can get, if you're looking for something.

< I'm pretty damn bored. Though I am fairly relaxed, I'm also a little disappointed about how things turned out. I haven't been able to make any music because of the laptop getting fucked.

> "The only kind of fuck I do around here is 'fuck up'." ~ Achromatism, 2018.

v I'd suppose you've listened to the music I've released? -w-
^ I have and they're pretty good. But I kinda feel like their names doesn't really match their mood and it's quite too simplistic. I mean, simple names are fine but it's kinda hard to remember the songs just for their names. I suggest maybe you should use more of your talent in literature and poetry on the names of the songs. Btw, you should upload them on YouTube, I'd like to add some of your songs to my YouTube playlist.

< I just came home from school and work. I'm exhausted.

> Nothing. Just nothing.

v You have a really fucked up sleep schedule.
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