Joji - SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK [Osu|CatchTheBeat]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Thursday, December 26, 2019 at 4:35:41 PM

Artist: Joji
Tags: ballads1 1 english filthy frank papa franku george miller pink guy 88rising ambient dance R&B Soul Hip Hop hiphop Yeah Right Can't Get Over You cant Patrick Wimberly Francisco Frankie Ramirez Chris Athens eiri- ayyri em0nky emonky marblelemons thepython JeirYagtama jieryagtama Jeirin Liyac cyanine californian darknessofblue Jemzuu AJamez
BPM: 178
Filesize: 11096kb
Play Time: 03:26
Difficulties Available:
  1. APHOTIC (4.94 stars, 477 notes)
  2. AYYRI'S HARD (3.77 stars, 458 notes)
  3. EASY (1.93 stars, 210 notes)
  4. INSANE feat. EM0NKY (4.27 stars, 540 notes)
  5. JEIR'S PLATTER (3.09 stars, 471 notes)
  6. JEIR'S SLOW DANCING IN THE RAIN (3.72 stars, 560 notes)
  7. LIYUU'S SALAD (1.94 stars, 286 notes)
  8. MARBLE'S NORMAL (2.4 stars, 297 notes)

Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Delete and Redownload
if you downloaded this set before 12/26/2019! There's a new mp3, hitsound files, and background.

Please play with custom hitsounds enabled for the optimal experience!



Hitsounds and keysounds by me with help from my brother! He helped me create the synth keysounds.

Map background edited by me. The drawing of Joji in the BG is done by the bootleg boy!

While mapping this song I found out the news that my piano teacher for a very long time had passed away from cancer. Rest in peace, I will never forget you.

click if you really enjoyed the map and want to support it!

Huge writeup about this map, be prepared!:

Where do I even start, I’m really so overwhelmed? I’m really so happy this is happening in front of me, it feels so satisfying to set what I would think is such a huge goal for myself and actually come through. I haven’t felt this great about one of my creative endeavors in so long, yet I’m not even extremely satisfied with the quality of this map. This map means a LOT to me though, and I can’t really put my emotions for it into words, but I’m gonna try anyways.

This whole map ended up being a dedication to my piano teacher, and it was kind of by mere accident. I played this song with him at one of his Winter concerts last year. I ended up mapping the song the concert and during the process of mapping, I was notified by my parents that he passed away from cancer. He has been my piano teacher for about 4 years and I really loved him so much.

This probably sounds cringe but Joji really did get me through some real tough shit this year and this map just feels like, idk. Everything I’ve been through this entire year. All my emotions throughout the year put into an entire map. He’s my most listened to on Spotify by far this year lol. I have, without a doubt, spent at least 100 hours in the editor for this map doing various things and I’ve had this extreme drive to rank this before the year ends. And I actually did it. It's just such a melancholic and amazing feeling that this whole plan I had went through. And it definitely wouldn’t have ever happened without all of my friends supporting me. I can’t even show how much I appreciate some of them such as Myxo in words, but again, I’m going to try.

Myxo - My gosh you’re a legend. You’re the whole reason any of this happened. This would’ve been rotting in the graveyard for ages if you didn’t exist. You have no idea the emotions I felt when you left that hype on my map, it was probably the most motivation I’ve ever received in a single sentence. I have been such a huge fan of your maps for ages before and the fact that you, completely out of nowhere, appreciated something I created meant so the world to me. After talking to you on Twitter and you agreed to push this I really felt so much joy. The amount of effort you have put throughout the 6 months of pushing this map is insane. I doubt there’s any BN that would even consider doing this much for someone like me. You turned this entire map around, and are the sole reason I could achieve my goal. Thank you so much for the amount of effort you have put into this map seriously, it feels unfair to have someone care so much about getting this map ranked lol.

sadnow - The reason why this map even exists in the first place. Not only are you the person who inspired me to start mapping, but your map of CAN’T GET OVER YOU also inspired me to map slow dancing. When I first started this map a year ago, I was trying really hard to make something like your maps, and you really shaped the way this map turned out, even if my style changed immensely throughout mapping this. Who knew messaging someone on Instagram about fucking Teopacito Rover would change my life so much, and get me into this beautiful rabbit hole known as mapping.

Uberzolik - I’m really happy to have met you, because my perspective on mapping has changed so much through talking to you and I would just be making shitmaps without having met you. Our conversations are the reason why I have decided to put so much effort into my maps, instead of just treating this like a game. I treat it like so much more. Thanks for teaching me so much.

Axaptice - Thank you for helping me create a map that I am actually happy with. If I didn’t encounter you and your amazing modding skills, this map may have been ranked, but it would be ranked being a hunk of garbage that I dislike a ton. Thanks for helping me transform this map.

Em0nky - Thanks for being a great person to talk to and get real with in my server, you’ve been a pleasure to talk to and I hope we continue to evolve together within this new generation of mappers. Making this collab difficulty with you was great, and I’m really happy with the result. It’s like if you took my style and yours, and just squished them together until they were one.

Bunnrei - You have been really great to me pushing this set and I’m so glad that you decided to do so. Thank you so much for allowing me to accomplish my goal. I thought finding a catch bn would be a lot harder than it was, especially one as effective as you were.

eiri - I honestly think your diff is the best on this set. It’s so much fun to play with HDNC lol. But besides that, I have to thank you so much for supporting me. When you messaged me via forum pm who knows how long ago, I was really happy that someone with that much significance would be messaging me. I’m so glad you out of anyone was the person who made this hard diff too. I really love talking to you and thanks for being great to me and this set.

Jemzuu - Thanks for being apart of the set and being so kind to me, I appreciate it a ton.

Takeki - Your unofficial mentoring really helped me discover what I want to do with my maps, and I can’t appreciate that enough. Thanks for being so chill and helpful overall, meeting you really took me out of a huge mapping rut.

UndeadCapulet - Thanks for being such an inspiration and great person to talk to in VCs. You’re, in my controversial opinion, the greatest mapper to touch this game. Playing your maps motivates me so much to create something great.

Mentai - I can’t imagine where I would be without your help. Being your mentee in mentorship cycle 11 has been one of the greatest things that have happened to me in my mapping life. Mentorship truly is a fantastic thing. Through all the collabs and sessions we’ve done, my understanding of everything has skyrocketed. I’ve developed so many philosophical viewpoints through mapping, that without being your mentee, I probably would never even consider. Thanks for warping my entire perspective on mapping, I don’t even know what I’d be doing without you.

Foxy Grandpa - I actually watched your mapping streams a ton while I was a garbage mapper, and it’s been really nice listening to your input and mapping views. And your hitsounding is really so inspiring, keep it up dude.

3mplify - Thanks for being such a good pal to talk with in DM, and being so supportive of my stuff. Good luck with osu!rewind 2019, I’m excited to watch it!

Mimari - You’re like the first actual person I met during my mapping career, and I’m really glad we still talk and collaborate after what, like almost 2 years now? I don’t even know. Keep up the work with your maps.

wafer - You’re actually a legend dude and I’m really so glad we met. Having you in my server has been a pleasure and I’m really glad we have become as close as we are now. VCing with you and others is always something to look forward to, and I’m really glad I have someone where if I ever have some shit with someone else I can just dm you lmao. Keep up the work with your maps, you’re gonna be something great.

fleuress - We’ve been through to say the least, a lot of shit together. But I’m so glad through this shit we actual became close and bonded. This journey has been long and exhausting, but we’re all rooting for you. Thanks for being there for me. I know you told to me to stop apologizing but I need to get this out of my system. You’ll either be empathetic after reading or you’ll still think this is bullshit and I respect that. I read what you sent me and it hurt me reading that, I wish we would’ve been able to get this across sooner before my mental health affected our relationship this hard. You imply that I only love you as a friend, I don’t, I’m actually in love with you.

Potatoboy123 - Thanks for being so nice to me and supportive. Seriously, having such an amazing player like you support my mapping endeavors feels so good. The words you have sent me in pm about my maps have been the sweetest things anyone’s ever said about my maps, and it really makes me emotional. You’re really the nicest overall person I’ve ever met on this game.

Blastthekidd - Thanks for being a good friend and someone I can just talk to about whatever whenever. You’re a really great dude and you’ve been a pleasure to have in my server.

ailv - Thanks for being a great mentor and friend to me, I really love and admire all the support you’ve given me as a mentor and our modding sessions in VCs have been the hilight of my day so many times. The help and support you’ve shown and given me throughout our endeavors has been super motivating, and I appreciate it so much. I’m really glad to be your mentee, and I will strive to become something great with the help you’ve given me.

necrotrash - Thanks so much for supporting my map. Your support has really made me so motivated to be able to rank this map and it means a lot. I hope you become something great in your mapping journey!

Marblelemons - You make some of the more interesting and better normal diffs out there, keep it up! Thanks for supporting this set and for the diff. And thanks for fucking mapping this on your laptop at a hotel LMAO. The dedication means a lot!

Celektus - I love talking to you in general, and I admire how serious you take anything you do. You’ve been a great friend to me as of recent and I’m super glad. Talking about politics and morality with you has been super fun. Oh and thanks so much for the banner dude! It looks sick as fuck.

Sooph - Dude you’re an absolute fucking legend for getting this new mp3 to work and you saved me SO MUCH EFFORT I actually can’t thank you enough. You’re doing great things dude, and remember, swearing is not allowed on OSU.

Suissie - Thanks a ton for switching the offset of the map while I was at school LOL. That helped me a shit ton. Also thanks for being overall super chill to talk to and a great friend in my server. Keep up the great work with your maps!

JeirYagtama - Thanks so much for PMing me about wanting to make catch diffs. I was skeptical at first, because I knew it would stall the map’s ranking process but my gosh does it feel worth it! I love having more diverse things in my maps, and having CTB diffs on this set just makes it feel all the better.

Kaeldori - You’re a really kind and well hearted person and I appreciate that so much. Talking to you is always really fun, and I believe you can become a great mapper sometime.

Liyac - Thanks so much for talking to me and basically fixing this entire dilema with the CTB diffs, I can’t appreciate it enough. Your motivation to rank get this set ranked feels super warming to me, it feels like you really cared about this ranking process so much. It just feels so good when others seem as dedicated as you are towards my goal.

Chatterzard - I know your Taiko diffs were eventually removed, but I appreciate the grind we went through to get them done. Thanks for supporting this set and I hope you do great things with your maps. Thanks for being a great friend to me as well outside of the mapping universe!
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