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Chewin wrote:

Hi :3 Random recheck map ~ hi :3

00:41:936 (3) - Reducing this slider by 1/2 and adding a circle on the red tick here: 00:42:502 would fit much better because it follows the vocal. Don't forget to use whistle on the new circle if you decide to follow this suggestion ;3 eh, it would be harder =.=? , I don't want to make it harder more than this T-T
00:50:804 (3) - You should to use finish on this slider's head for consistency my bad ._.aaaaaaa
01:06:087 (3) - The same of the first point. I highly suggest you to follow them especially because you decided to map followint the vocal sound ~ ok, this part it looks easier than the first one ?? , fixed :P''' (the first one is hard to play for me with mouse only ww)
01:08:917 (3) - ^ It won't be symmetry with next note and look not beautiful DxDxDx''
01:13:634 (4) - Finish here would be perfect in my opinion sounds fine *.* , finish may ruin kawaii voice from Maika <3<3
01:56:842 (2) - x:184 y:188 is better nazi !!! , omg , I want to let this gradually flow down from previous so it's Okay =.= !
02:19:861 (5) - You should to use NC here to keep the consistency with the previous kiai time kk
02:29:106 (1) - Same of the first point wanna make it equal to 02:30:615 (3) - ~~~~~~~
02:38:540 (1) - Finish here is better than clap both is the best xDxD
03:09:295 (2) - Finish on this slider's end? voice doesn't sound too long to combine with my lovely long finish so I think it's fine o..o
03:17:785 (1) - Remember that you are mapping following the vocal. This rhythm is better, and you could add a finish hitsound on the 1/2 slider's end too: I'm moody ww, sometimes I want to place it as rhythm and better game play, actually I don't want to map follow vocal much o_o'

04:06:842 (4) - Move to x:448 y:96 to improve the blanket with 04:06:465 (3) fixed

01:10:238 (1) - Remove NC and add it on 01:10:615 (3) for consistency with the next part 02:23:068 (1) fixed
02:03:823 (1) - Useless New Combo. Remove it Chewin, you are so mean ! , I think it's ok to follow the vocal (the new combo I used actually follows the vocal very well , don't you think so :3:3:3:3?
02:34:766 (1) - Remove NC and use it on 02:35:144 (3) always for consistency emm for consitency , okay = =
Lovely map >w< ww , for DT playing only !!

00:44:766 (1) - Remove NC
00:47:597 (1) - ^
01:32:880 (6) - New combo?
all of those new combo , I think it's fine :D thanks for checking hehe 8-)
Awesome >w< hope so \:D/

If you want to follow some of my suggestions do it after a BAT has popped it for rank, I don't want you pop the bubble for this mod >w<
Good luck with rank ;3
it's useful xD , Thank you very much :)
I actually noticed that you haven't fixed Chewin's mod yet, since bubble isn't popped.

Never wait before fixing something!

Anyways, nothing wrong I could find.
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Updated !

hope you check it once :D
Time to go!

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yeahh Thank you Andrea \:D/
o.o Gratz~
Gratz .w.
gratz~! ></
gratz~ XD
Snowy Dream
Congratz again!! Frost > <
S o r d a
wow,gratz ranked<3
      , -―- 、 rく゚ヽ。
     ,イ /  , ヽ ヽ.` -)    Good Job!
   / {  {  lヽ }  i   !
.  / { i N\リーソヽl  l i
  l  ',ル-‐  ‐‐- ソ  l {
  l  | {  _, "  !コ | l
  ヽ ノ、ゝ、 _ , イ .iニニiヾ
    ノ、_l/T ! />、iニニi
    / ,イ ヽハ/ _iニ⊃
   J r / /::/  /::l  l
Greats!!! Jeep~!
Next is that song (you know xD
Congrats ~
gogo Frosty :D. congratz on the rank ;)

CDFA wrote:

congrats on the rank^^
Congratz :)
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