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  1. 4v4, teams of 6 to 8
  2. Scorev1
  3. Rank range 500 ~ 15,000 [BWS]
  4. International
  5. 2 bans per team
  6. Failed scores count
  7. Roll winner = 1st warmup, 1st ban, 2nd pick
  8. Roll loser = 2nd warmup, 2nd ban, 1st pick
  9. GS / RO32: Best of 9
  10. RO16/QF: Best of 11
  11. SF/F/GF: Best of 13

  1. This is a 4v4, osu! standard tournament.
  2. The rank range is 500 to 15,000, with BWS applied. (See the BWS section below if you're confused!)
  3. The team size ranges from 6 to 8 players.
  4. The tournament will hold 64 teams.
  5. Registration is international, so you can team up with anyone in the rank range regardless of country.
  6. The tournament will be played in scorev1.
  7. The tournament will have a group stage first, and the top two teams of each group will advance to a double elimination bracket stage.
  8. The Grand Finals match will have a traditional bracket reset if necessary.
  9. Initial seeding will be done by average BWS rank of all players on the team.
  10. The bracket stage will be seeded as follows: Group 1 #1 vs Group 16 #2, Group 2 #1 vs Group 15 #2, etc.
  11. Match schedules and mappools will be released on the Monday before those matches should be played.
  12. Match schedules will be written in UTC. Find your personal time zone and convert your match times here: http://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/
  13. Joining the discord is REQUIRED by the captain of your team, or else your registration will not be counted.
  14. No staff members are allowed to play other than streamers, commentators, and graphics designers.

  15. Players whose rank is within the rank range at the end of signups will have their rank locked and may leave the rank range if they choose.
  16. Any player who is not within the rank range at the end of signups is nullified.
  17. Nullified players cannot play in matches and are not eligible for prizes, even if their team is.
  18. If a nullified player enters the rank range during the tournament, they are no longer nullified and may leave the rank range again if they so desire.
  19. Nullified players are not allowed to be above rank 400 BWS when registration ends. There is no lower limit for nullified players.
  20. Teams must have at least 6 eligible players when registration ends. This means teams are allowed to have up to 2 nullified players.
  21. If registration ends and a team does not have at least 6 eligible players, they will be asked to adjust their roster accordingly.

  1. Registration: Sat. December 29 ~ Sat. January 19
  2. Roster Screening: Sun. January 20 ~ Sun. February 3
  3. Group Stage: Sat. February 9 ~ Sun. February 17 | Best of 9
  4. Round of 32: Sat. February 23 ~ Sun. February 24 | Best of 9
  5. Round of 16: Sat. March 2 ~ Sun. March 3 | Best of 11
  6. Quarter Finals: Sat. March 9 ~ Sun. March 10 | Best of 11
  7. Semi Finals: Sat. March 16 ~ Sun. March 17 | Best of 13
  8. Finals: Sat. March 23 ~ Sun. March 24 | Best of 13
  9. Grand Finals: Sat. March 30 ~ Sun. March 31 | Best of 13

  1. All matches in a given week will be played on the same mappool. The format of the pools will be as follows:
  2. Group Stage / Round of 32: 5 Nomod / 3 Hidden / 3 Hard Rock / 3 Double Time / 3 Freemod / 1 Tiebreaker
  3. RO16 / QF / SF: 6 Nomod / 3 Hidden / 3 Hard Rock / 4 Double Time / 3 Freemod / 1 Tiebreaker
  4. Finals / Grand Finals: 6 Nomod / 4 Hidden / 4 Hard Rock / 5 Double Time / 4 Freemod / 1 Tiebreaker
  1. On Freemod picks, at least two players from each team must use Hidden, Hard Rock, Easy, or some combination thereof. EZ scores will be doubled.
  2. On tiebreakers, Hidden and/or Hard Rock are allowed, but not required.

  1. The match lobby will be created by the referee, and the team captains of both teams will be invited. The captain is then responsible for inviting the rest of their team. If the captain of a team is not online, the referee will invite any other player from that team, and that player will be responsible for inviting their team.

  2. Teams have a 10 minute grace period to have at least 4 players available to play the match. If 10 minutes pass and a team does not have enough players to play the match, the other team will receive a win by default.

  3. All matches must be played as a 4v4. No 3v3s or 3v4s allowed. Warmups also must be played as 4v4.

  4. Once all players have joined the lobby, captains will be asked to !roll; the winner of the roll will have the first warmup, first ban, and second pick. Note that there will be no warmups in group stage.

  5. The referee can give host to the players for warmups only. No player will have match host after warmups. A team will select a map by naming the map in the multiplayer chat, and the referee will select it.

  6. The referee is not allowed to play in the match.

  7. Each team is allowed 2 bans per match. Banned maps are effectively removed from the mappool for the duration of the match and are not allowed to be picked. A team is allowed to ban 2 maps from the same mod pool.

  8. Teams have 2 minutes (120 seconds) to select a map; if they fail to choose in the allotted time, the map choice will pass to the other team. This will have no effect on the order of picks afterward; for example, if Team 1 failed to pick within the timer, Team 2 would get to pick a map, then Team 1 would pick the next map.

  9. Once the map choice is locked in, players will have 90 seconds to ready up. The referee will start the match when all players are ready. If the 90 second timer ends, the referee will force an !mp start 15 command, and the match will start with whoever is in the lobby.

  10. The winner of a map is determined by which team's four scores add up to a higher number. Basically, that just means failed scores count.

  11. In the case of a genuine disconnection, if the map result was ambiguous (uncertain), the map will be replayed. However, if the map was already clearly decided and there is substantial evidence of the fact, the referee may apply common sense to give the point to whoever would have won the map.

  1. Short for Badge Weighted Seeding, BWS is a tournament-minded seeding method intended to more accurately seed players and enforce rank restrictions based on the player's tournament badges.
  2. In short, BWS artificially "ranks up" players based on the amount of badges they have.
  3. In terms of how much a player ranks up per badge, each badge is worth more than the one before it.
  4. More specifically, the formula is as follows:


  1. The formula caps at rank 1. That is, a player can't go past rank 1.00 BWS (even if you were rank 2 it'd take like 30 badges to actually get rank 1.00 BWS).
  2. Remember, BWS is not intended to reflect solo play skill. Read the first bullet point again.
  3. Sample BWS rank values can be found on this spreadsheet.

1st Place

6 months per player OR $16 USD

pending approval

2nd Place

4 months per player OR $12 USD

3rd Place

2 months per player OR $8 USD

will be updated as more staff members are added

Host: DigitalHypno, this1neguy, Yazzehh
Graphics: DigitalHypno
Commentators: bmax, DigitalHypno, n0ah, this1neguy
Streamers: bmax, this1neguy
Referees: bmax, DigitalHypno, Fish-, Flask, GDLenny, lolzep, saoie, steve_04_, this1neguy, Yazzehh
Mappool Selectors: DigitalHypno

  1. 29 December 2018 05:00 UTC - initial post
  2. 30 December 2018 04:50 UTC - staff update: fieryrage, moondust, n0ah, woahsia as commentators, kymotsujason, lolzep as streamers, GDLenny, lolzep, RingSystem, tigereyes144 as referees
  3. 31 December 2018 05:14 UTC - added updated rules regarding player nullification. staff update: added bmax as commentator, streamer, referee and steve_04_ as referee
  4. 11 January 2019 04:20 UTC - updated schedule to fix start date of screening period and to add one week each to screening period and group stage. added Fish- as referee and WholeWheatPete as commentator
  5. 10 February 2019 15:31 UTC - updated schedule to remove an erroneously added week from group stage - all dates have moved back one week. updated title for current round. added Flask and saoie as referees. added challonge link.
  6. 20 February 22:25 UTC - updated mappool format - each round will have 1 additional DT map. updated title for RO32.
  7. 21 February 23:30 UTC - fixed best of listing in schedule: RO32 is best of 9.
  8. 25 February 06:22 UTC - updated freemod rules regarding EZ. updated title for RO16.
  9. 30 March 05:13 UTC - pruned inactive staff. fixed SF best of in "tl;dr" section. updated title.
Yes! I was waiting for Hippo
thats an elephant
no, that's obviously a hippo
yep definitely a hippo
Could someone fill me in on the mathematical side of coming up with this formula for the BWS?
animal hunting ground
can i play
hello it is BRACKET TIME !!

hopefully streams this weekend
Congratulations to team Discoboys on winning Hippo Cup 2!

Full results can be found here, and if you'd like to check out the VOD of the Grand Finals between Discoboys and the enferms 2.0 you can do so here.

Until next time!
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