Homareda Miyuki - Elli no Thema

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on domingo, 28 de junho de 2020 at 19:18:18

Artist: Homareda Miyuki
Title: Elli no Thema
Source: 牧場物語 ~ハーベストムーン
Tags: Elli's Theme Harvest Moon: Back To Nature Bokujō Bokujou Bokujo Monogatari Farm History Story of Seasons Instrumental Video Game
BPM: 150
Filesize: 2031kb
Play Time: 00:38
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1,65 stars, 53 notes)
  2. Normal (2,03 stars, 82 notes)
  3. Nostalgia (2,71 stars, 99 notes)

Download: Homareda Miyuki - Elli no Thema
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Easy - Me
Normal - Me
Nostalgia - Me

Elli best girl :3c
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