STD Modding Queue NM/M4M/GD (Closed)

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Keep in mind that I'm still an amateur.
anything BUTAOTOME-related is a guaranteed mod/gd from me
I'm up for NM / M4M or even GD (I'd like to do them ^_^)
*M4M :
*NM :
No introductions just link your map right away ^^

*GD :
-I'm bad at mapping low SR (especially "HARD" & "LIGHT INSANE")
That's it I guess, if the song is not too complex or KPOP I'll go for it :)

And for Last -->
-Most of the time I focus in the visual aspect and playability of the map, so bare with me & Also I want that sweet kudosu please.

If i didn't mod / m4m your map it may be for the following reasons -->
- The map is way too good and/or polished for me (basically there are nothing I can point out)
- Your map only consists of low SR difficulties ("HARD", "NORMAL", "EASY" etc...)
- Too much requests keep coming to the point where I can't keep up
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