Community Effort: Taiko Time Challenge

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Count me in
Dang, this will be happening when I have exams. ;^(
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-GN Junior wrote:

I think you should also mention it should be in UTC +0 time lol

Also I'm totally in
I agree it should br UTC+0 but not from 0UTC to 24UTC as these hours would be inconvenient for alot of people. Instead I propose doing 12UTC on the 16th to 12UTC on the 17th for our “In the last 24 hours”
hype guys
1 day until taiko time
we taiko gaming
It's Taiko Time lads!
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Hey Guys important update. I found out through some testing that 10K score is not enough. You need 10K Score + Certain amount of time played. Not sure on the exact same time but I found that doing 1 of the criteria and not the other wouldn't count as a play. My guess is it seems to be somewhere in the ballpark of 5-15 seconds to count as a play
Looks like 6 seconds was enough, and I guess it counts as a valid play if it's visible in osu! API.
Retried before the second spinner and after, and it counts.

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Thanks for doing the research. Did you try doing with DT up to 2nd spinner out of curiosity? Wondering if that works or not
Yes, these were the DT plays as you see in the table, so I guess it also works. Nomod, DT, before and after the second spinner, they all show up

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