Community Effort: Taiko Time Challenge

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So for many years now the top 5 most played maps on any given day have generally been 5 PP farm Standard maps.

Well as a community effort I have been talking to several people and we’d like to <for one day> make a Taiko Map the most played map and on the front page of the osu website.

When: January 16th, 2019
Map: Taiko Time

Additional info:
  1. Must get at least 10k score on an attempt to count as a play
  2. Song doesn’t need to be passed/completed
  3. Converts count for the standard diffs in the set

The more people we can get in on this the easier it’ll be so spread the word and tell all Taiko players you know to spam Taiko Time map on January 16th. Let’s for the first time ever overthrow standards dominance on most played maps for a day!
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