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I have an idea that could help the game osu, but not sure if it going to be acceptable!!!

1. instead of filled circle top of the corner why not have a digital numbers countdown instead in that corner thing?

2. uhm also a Little Clock to know the current time in a corner somewhere to know the current time in real Life? eh?

3. erhm could be helpfully the facts of it will help other people to remember their Daily stuff/things they need to do in real Life..... + aswell they could possibly stop middle the game/mapp and go away and do their important stuffs like many people be lost into a game easly and forget time?!
especially early in the morning and have time to play Little and no Clock uhm…...
(as example: cus some morning´s "someone/or you" could be Close to get late to work thanks to osu actually.)

4. is not a request to build the game but OSU are VERY FUN GAME XD <3
Please go to Feature Requests forum. Before you post there, take a look at this thread: https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/454006
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