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Hi there ;3

My name is Vitor. Im a boy with 16 years old. I love play osu!, and other games too, even i dont have the best pc in the word (lol).

Also, i love reading, write poems (they aren't good at all), and make friend ;3

If you wanna be my friend,just chat with me ;3 I will give you my number, or my discord, or watherver XD

I wanna be a real friend to you. Someone you can realy trust ;3

I'm happy that you really read all of this XD

Sorry 'bout my poor english XD

Pika Pi ;3
Hi ! . Welcome w.w

You seems like a friendly guy.
If you want to talk , you can add me UwU.
Heya! Welcome to the forums!
Hey Vitor!

If you want to talk with me be sure to add me right now!!
i'm sorry, but i don't believe in friends.
we can talk though.
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