NeOsu CHAINLINK (NeOsu 8) - NeOsu 6th Anniversary

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No changes, so far.

Hi there! It's been so long. Now, I present to you, CHAINLINK, the 8th skin of the longst running skin series that I made and here in osu!, NeOsu.

The skin is designed with almost total flatness, using still the resident colors of the skin series, #009aef, #f09800, #dc00f0 and #00f000. Styling revolves around flatness, abusing total white with hints of the mentioned resident colors of the skin.

Anyway, without further ado, f*ck the current skinning meta. If you still love the current meta of skinning, then this piece of art is not for you. This skin is the heaviest in the NeOsu series, standing proud at a 136MB worth of elements crafted in lieu to the old meta where eyecandy wins, pursuing this skin's slogan "MASTERING THE OLD NEW WAYS — MASTERING POSSIBILITIES," all possible animatables are included in this skin, and all possible skinnable files (well, not all of them). Not only that, but also all mania keys are all skinned. Yep, heard it right. 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K, 6K, 7K, 8K, 9K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K, AND 18K. Animations are, when possible, set at 60 frames per second; we have visible, animated hitbursts to annoy your picky tastes and sensitive feelings, also to rub salt on your heart-breaking MISS. Well, finishing it with currently 3 combobursts, illustrated by my little sister. The skin took nearly 2 years because of social life and academics.

Most of the skin elements came straight from 7IARA, NeOsu's 7th skin, and the menu audio will most likely kill you right off the bat, but I will fix it for you when I'm free during my Internship.

Leave some suggestions and/or fixes that need to be done, aside from the mentioned above.



what can i really say for feedback? its amazing!

my only real gripe (nitpicking really) is the colored diagonal lines on the ranking panel, they feel a little unnecessary, having just the colored border between the score,combo etc and the actual ranking letter seems like enough to me.

great work, glad to see there's people who hate the new meta just as much as i do :)
oldschooled skinning style :eyes:

I nitpick hard. The issues are minor and I don't think anyone will give a poop about it. But imo it does give a little touch to the skin if resolved.

The issues I can only think of is (i may forget something tho):

1. Menu-Button-Background ruins the contrast of the SongSelectActiveText due to the blue diagonal line. Although I see what you did there for the Ranking-(letter)-Small. It is to puzzle the diagonal line and the Ranking-(letter)-Small together. It feels very complete (if that makes sense). However, that concept only applies to standard mode. Other modes don't. Good idea and awesome execution tho. Sorry for not having a suggestion to this issue. I don't have any solutions that I can come up with. (You can just disregard this issue if you wish to)

2. Using the Selection-Mode as the baseline for the bottom section of Song Selection Menu is great for easy skinning production and does the job except for the Song Selection Menu in multi lobby. I would suggest using the Selection-Option to cover the area of the profile banner.

3. Team vs team Ranking-Panel screen, enuf said. I would suggest removing the combo and accuracy text from Ranking-Panel and move the text to Ranking-MaxCombo and Ranking-Accuracy.

4. The diagonal lines on the Ranking-Panel feels like it's too destructive especially to the Score-(number) and possibly the Hit-300G. Try to make it less overwhelming if possible.

5. The uh vertical tabs on the Ranking-Panel is great for giving extra information to the player but not really required. Especially the Options tab. Feels kinda awkward if the Ranking-Panel doesn't show the option to watch the replay.

6. In the Pause-Overlay/Fail-Background, move your CHAINLINK logo somewhere else. The visual settings section is covering it halfway.

Other than that, the design concept is fantastic, especially mania. :)
Keep it up!!!
Luel Roseline
file space lied, it's 137MB

well atleast for me lol
Please, don't skin in-game hitbursts for 300, 300g and 300k, because nobody plays with them.
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zakhar03 wrote:

Please, don't skin in-game hitbursts for 300, 300g and 300k, because nobody plays with them.
I never heard of anyone forbidding skinning in-game 300, 300g and 300k hitbursts but you.
sorry about this but can you reupload Neosu Eoxia Skin ? i feel comfortable with that mania skin. im reinstalling osu and i lost everything :(
this is a really cool skin! cant wait for neosu 9!
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