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Shall we disable PP gain when completing a convert map ?

33.33% 6
38.89% 7
Just Nerf it by 50% for example
27.78% 5
Total votes: 18
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Current Priority: +1
First of all, sorry for bad english, i'm french LUL.

Hello everyone ! I'm here as a normal osu! player, to link you a Straw Poll that i made, because as a taiko player, when i see other players winning pp by completing shit runs on converts maps, i'm just depressed, thats so unfair, and that's the same thing in other game mode.

Everybody play convert map because the game display all your downloaded beatmaps even when you change your game mode, so yesn that's might be the "fault" of the game but that's really unfair, and the game should exclusively display your maps gamemode.
For exemple when i want to play mania, i'm just selecting mania and, the game display ONLY my mania maps.

So here it is a link to the straw poll, please if you read this, go vote.
iirc this was requested a few times, and were denied
An autoconvert with several objects gives the same pp as a regular map that has the same patterns.

pp is supposed to measure the skill of a player, so I don't think that the enjoyability (subjective) or rankability (also subjective, but with some level of consensus) of a map should be a factor in how much pp a map gives.

The conflict is that, sometimes, patterns that are overrated (give too much pp for how hard they are to play) do not make maps that are fun to play, or are sometimes not even rankable. The correct solution for this issue is nerfing the overrated patterns (preferably not directly, but instead in a systematic way), rather than the label or origin of the map.
The main problem with converts is in fact the rankabillity of the maps. You have maps for instance that would be considered heavily abusive of the PP system (ie maps like Rog-Unlimitation) but since it wasn’t mapped for Taiko it wasn’t held to the same guidelines.

If people made an all Don map in Taiko it would not be allowed to be ranked. Also by allowing converts to grant PP it means that people could “slyly” get around ranking criteria and make maps that play normally in Standard but when converted to another gamemode give extremely broken scores.

Another good example of a map like this is one particular convert in CTB “Pandamoneum” I am not a convert player at all in CTB & yet I was ale to get my 8* clear medal from this convert.

I haven’t seen anything all that agregious in Mania but it would be theoretically possible to make a map that did nothing but spam jumptrills once converted.

My main argument here is that converts aren’t checked for abuse in other gamemodes. It’s considered a standard map and so if it breaks other gamemodes that’s not its concern.

So one of the following should be done imo:
A. Maps made for standard can’t be abusive once converted
B. Converts don’t grant PP

And before people think that BN’s & QAT care about convert quality. There was a map ranked in Standard that had 0 sliders and put the map at the max SV value. This made the map completely unplayable in a Taiko and yet changing this wouldn’t have hurt the standard map at all. Yet since it wasn’t a Taiko map it was allowed to be ranked with this idiotic SV.
ofc bns dont give a shit about convert quality, why would i care what a map plays like in ctb or taiko lol. it's a standard map.

converts used to be needed before there was enough content for other game modes than standard; lately there are many many more mode specific maps being made and ranked, so converts are no longer needed to be ranked. just make them apply score v2 for example, like monstrata's alternator marathon, that way people can have leaderboards on them but also dont completely fuck up pp rankings cuz of some standard concept converting to a ridiculous pp map in taiko or something.
Pretty much what Nao said, I'm not really sure why converts give pp for other modes when it's literally nowhere near optimized for said mode.

There should be enough mode specific content that converts are note necessary anymore imo.
@Nao Tomori

If and when another gamemode will be added in *cough* touhosu *cough* there might be some issues due to getting rid of pp on autoconverts
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