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Should Cs:Go be kept free?

42.31% 11
57.69% 15
Total votes: 26
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I am not too sure how I feel about this. On one hand we get more players, but on the other we get more cheaters. Players who bought the game get a really cool medal but that is about it.
I dont think that its good. Cs already have a lot of players, and unfortuny, a lot of cheaters too.

I mean, the game its cheep, but its sad that almost dont have any moderation ;-;
yup... too many cheater.. thats way i play osu instead xD
uhh more cheaters... thanks Valve.... -_-
Can't even last 16mins without a crash.
Yet it's lighter than "TF2" *SMH*
Cs:go free = more cheater
Cs:go battle royal = more kids
Cs:go Dead game.
The "prime" for ppl that buy the game before will help to divide the new people from the old players (and cheaters), Anyway the valve anti cheat is a joke, I would like to see them work more on that side before investing time and money in a battle royale mode that nobody will play ...
new people will play against cheaters 50% of the time, every time.
thats sucks men
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