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so me as a pp disgusting im a bit off a pp-farmer (ok i know its disgusting but i just need those rankups and i said a bit). and there are these maps like granat that give like overloads of pp that i can really use. any other maps that give much pp?
im flat
my top play
How about you get good?

When you get good you can get lots of PP.
you have under 100 hours, just click the circles and the pp will come

im flat wrote:

my top play
wtf is going on with your top plays lol.
especially your #5. a f****** 'F'?! i've played this game for 6 years and i didn't know that F's existed in osu! O_O (okay, went to ming's profile, he has them too. welp, seemingly we've got f's now in osu)

raredutchkiller wrote:

any other maps that give much pp?
Troll [ON]
- CryThunder +HR
- Uta (Himei) +HR
- YomiYori
Troll [OFF]

- (Can you) understand me ?
- Monochrome Butterfly
- ChocoCookie
- Despacito ft.R3 Music Box

Got a shit ton of PP from them (easily a 1.000 raw PP actually), kinda overweighted and undeserved imo.
PP system is kinda unfair on this point for accurate but inconsistent people when it comes to long maps. Even if we have nothing else to do than deal with it. =')
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