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My problem is that whenever I go to a high point in the beatmap (Elevation from the bottom of the screen) my underarm (armpit) twitches in a strange pattern, usually distracting me and making me choke.

My elbow is rested (Estimated) 3cm below and 15 cm out from where I rest my wrist. Any way to fix this will be greatly appreciated!

(I have no muscle problems) (I play on mouse)
Try sitting in a different position? Not really sure what you are expecting people to tell you. I don't think there is any magic way for some random person on the internet to help you with a physical issue you are dealing with.
The same thing happens to me.

I don't really know a solution but I think it has to do with how nervous you get while playing. Because when I get nervous, I force the mouse down too much and have difficulties moving it properly, causing my grip to change to an uncomfortable position that makes me lose.
I know it's easier said than done, but try to stay relaxed when you're playing.
For death, You have a point, I was foolish of thinking that someone could sense what to fix and for Lary, I will take that into consideration.
Kind Regards

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