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Current Priority: +0
First of all, this is NOT a simple "Mouse playstyle for Osu!CTB" request, I know there's a Relax mod implemented for this reason...

This is about playing Osu! Catch The Beat with a Touchscreen device (Ranked)

Here's some main points that will show why it seems to be as bad as many keyboard/joystick players think about and my proposal to solve the issues...

(Very minor point before: I tried myself playing on my cellphone and this playstyle is harder than it looks, but it's easier than keyboard/joystick)

1) Osu!CTB and Osu!STD have the same problem with Touchscreen:
Jumps in Standard are (almost) equivalent to Hyperjumps and Sprints in CTB.
(In a performance view, they both have the "aim" and "speed" value)
Therefore simply allowing the Touchscreen playstyle with the keyboard/joystick playstyle won't work, since people will just abuse the Touchscreen for harder spaced Hyperjumps/Corner sprint jumps.

2) Double Time mod makes the catcher have 1.5x movement for each key input, while using Touchscreen will make that easier (Example: Accuracy on Sliders)

3) Flashlight mod is easier (not that easy), since you only need to remember the place to tap (this might still decrease your accuracy a lot, but will make FC maps a lot easier)

4) Leaderboards on maps made mostly by hyperjumps will be full of Touchscreen players (This is already happening in Osu!STD though, so this point is kind of a reference to the separate leaderboard request as well)

5) Allowing Touchscreen playstyle will automatically add Mouse/Tablet playstyle, because there's no way to make a difference during the replay/gameplay

6) The catcher can move with a variable amount of speed using Touch Devices/Mouse/Tablet (I'm talking of the Relax mod)

My proposal:

The "no mod" gameplay will still only allow "keyboard/joystick" playstyles and, already implemented for Osu!Standard, we should add a similar Touch Device mod that does these things:

0] You can't use keyboard/joystick (To make it different from no mod)

1] Must be manually activated (like a mod) from the mod options

2] This will add the possibility for Touch Devices (and mouse/tablet) to control the catcher

3] The speed of the catcher will be fixed like a keypress even with Touch Devices/mouse/tablet (see next point), teleportation is possible only with the Touch Device
(Dragging will be equivalent to sprintless movement and Tapping will be equivalent to teleport)

4] Sprint key can't be used! (Since Tapping equals to your sprint key and makes accuracy (droplets) harder to get...this way you get both an advantage and a disadvantage)

5] Removes hyperjump functionality (Consequence of point 3] -> Tapping)
It also avoids the possible use of the mouse/tablet (even if the replacement of Sprint key to Tapping already does this)

6] Performance Points should be recalculated in an alternate formula taking in consideration the "aim" and "speed" issues considerated before (also for DT and FL)
The main idea is that no mod pp will be higher than Touch Device mod pp for all maps (not sure if there might be exceptions...but I don't think there's a map like that)

7] Leaderboard Osu!CTB + Touch Device problem = Same as Osu!STD (Until STD is not solved, this won't be as well)

>>> In case you didn't notice, all these points ensures that any map with sprint/hyperjumps can be played only with the Touch Device (and not with Mouse/Tablet) and Relax mod makes still sense for Mouse/Tablet/Touch Device with unlimited catcher speed and infinite health... <<<

Last reason for this addition is that it will encourage a new playstyle, which means a different way of playing the same gamemode (which is fun)


Better explanation of Dragging and Tapping with the fixed movement system:

Dragging very far from the catcher won't teleport it and the catcher will try to reach the point you dragged with the fixed speed until it reaches that point. (This is to prevent to use Mouse/Tablet for Tapping by the way)
If you tap somewhere else during this travel time, the catcher will just teleport there and nothing else (unless you drag again and this repeats...)
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