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So, I've been playing osu for some time and have been getting around 120 fps or more which is normal for me. Until yesterday, I was dealing with some issues with my osu because I turned on compatible mode by accident, which is fixed. Now, all of a sudden, my game is literally halving its FPS. When I restart osu and join back, my FPS is normal at 120 then suddenly drops again after a few seconds. Same for maps, when I enter them my FPS Is normal, then it drops AGAIN. I'm on a laptop with an intel graphics card and Ive been searching all night for a solution, I even re-installed osu and stuff. Help.

Video or screenshot showing the problem: N/A

Edit: Plugging in my charger keeps the FPS stable, but without it the FPS dies?
I recommend you to close other applications that you don't need while playing osu, i've experience that a lot but check your frame limiter or change it to unlimited. might solve the issue!
Had the same issue a few hours ago. Restarting the laptop and starting osu without any programs running fixed it.
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