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I wonder if this feature would be simple enough to implement in osu! natively. I do have suspicions that a bot with this feature already exist as well, which just fetches the map's bg from the map folder. I haven't found such bots at the time of this post however.

Most players, including myself, dim our backgrounds to reduce distractions in gameplay. We obviously lose map art especially with mappers who sink time into their bg/slideshows.

I was thinking osu could separately render the BG/slideshow dynamically with respect to the song currently playing. That data could also be sent through a TCP/IP port which OBS can capture, or a separate app locally running on Windows for use with "Window Capture" on OBS.

This approach hopes to salvage map artwork by at least making it visible to a streaming source, while leaving the player distraction-free. I would do this myself as well, though I have limited experience working with osu! from a developer level. I wouldn't know where to start.

It's been a long time since I've visited these forums. Hopefully this is still a fresh idea.

- The Gambler, your local keyswitch addict
I like the idea, maybe a better way to do it is to have a streamer mode that mirrors your game to another Osu! window which OBS can capture that has the background undimmed and UI enabled.
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