Benefits of playing OSU! IRL

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Higher ar than 10 made my eyes go fast. By this i have a little more time to react to different events.
Training high bpms made me coordinate my movements faster aswell.
Training high acc on high od's gives me a better concentration in general (but sometimes that's an issue because i ignore other people when im thinking in something too much)
Look like a god in front of friends
The only real improvement I've seen is that I can use my pencil to write for longer without pain when drafting essays. I also hold my pencil a little differently than I used to.

e u wrote:

How did OSU! improved your day by day skills?

Well, in my case, I use to play a lot league of legends using my tablet pen - and since I've started to play OSU, I saw a decent improvement in my reaction time.
Another point that is noteworthy is that I used to have a little trembling on my both hands, and hovering the pen over the tablet while having to aim it, have helped me alot too.

What about you?

Did you see any improvement in your life since you've started to play osu?
visual reaction speed increased and got better at digitally drawing with my pen tablet
Socialising on the forums helps me to get more used to socialising, because I've lived quite an isolating lifestyle all my life. Socialising has always been a huge fear of mine. I'm already making large improvements. I don't know who I am anymore. I used to be so withdrawn even online and now I'm taking up tons of the Osu! forums and potentially making a friend. I have help with socialising in the real world as well and going to places I would usually find a complete nightmare to even think about. The forums do help a lot with this, too. I find myself overthinking what to say less and I realise that people aren't usually as horrible as sources such as the news try to make out.

As for the game, feeling that I've done well makes me feel good about myself. I have very low self confidence and always felt that I don't deserve good in life. I'd rather do poor in my GCSEs and know that it made someone else do good because it's a competition sort of thing, than to take the good scores I feel I don't deserve due to my poor mental health, and this inner conflict drives me crazy. This sort of thinking is pretty depressing. Spending ages trying to complete a map and finally passing or FCing it gives me a huge boost! It's possible to be happy about progress while not thinking of it as a competition due to the single player mode. I'm hoping to maybe have more confidence with competitiveness in the future.

TL;DR: Osu! is pretty therapeutic.
tbh, osu pretty much increased my reaction time on fps games

misplace wrote:

tbh, osu pretty much increased my reaction time on fps games
That's great! I couldn't play fps games for the life of me!
- Roman -
it helps speed/reaction time to certain things irl which could be useful. Such as sports, And being able to do little things such as saving something after almost dropping it. It can also help with overrall skill in gaming. in games such as call of duty, you need to be able to react to someone shooting at u or finding someone to shoot at. if you cant do this fast enough you'll end up dying fairly quick. i also find enjoyment in showing off to my friends. And in recent years, osu has gained popularity from the fortnite community for practicing aim.
Osu helps me find new music and kills time.

darkcl wrote:

Osu helps me find new music
Ayy same!
Now i can annoy my friends by talking all day about osu!
what a fun little game
can now stream 222bpm if you get my drift ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

can read ar11 with relax so that's cool, helped improve reaction time/aim/whatever
- Skylar -
helps with my reaction time, but it didnt help when i played sports in pe
I found my hands were more Flexible than before
now I found when I want to write something my hand a little differently than before
but my react improve a lot
I love osu!
I can now flex my scores to my imaginary friends
- EdgarNitroX
being weird

Achromalia wrote:

Helped as an outlet for dealing with shit at home. 'twas an escape from living.

Besides, I had a love for music anyways, and it also helped me discover new artists and delve a bit deeper into new genres.
this exactly tbh,

also can't forget the finger game :)
Perhaps it has benefitted me in some ways, but I probably didn't notice.
I'm a classical musician, so it (sorta) helps me with rhythm lol
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