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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
Ok, so I have many feature requests that have to do with the site.
Disclaimer: I know this would take a lot of work, these are just suggestions. I don't really know how coding works.


1. There should be a different most played section on a profile depending on what game mode you're looking at. Example: If I look at my most played on my profile and I'm looking at the Osu game mode stats, it will only show most played Osu maps, but if I look at the osu!Mania stats, it will only show mania maps. Just a cool addition to the site, it's not that necessary, but it think it would be cool if implemented.

2. Under Forums > Beatmapping > Work In Progress/Help, there should be a GD request tab. This could be a more convenient way to ask for GD's than randomly messaging people or just guessing where you should ask for GD's. I think this could be more intuitive for newer mappers to ask for GDs.

3. There could be a random beatmap button that took you to a random beatmap. I know this is silly, but this could be used for that one time you just want a random beatmap. would be kinda cool, but I could understand if it wasn't implemented.


1. I know It might seem intuitive, but you should make it so you can change slider velocity mid slider. idk you could use it for extra difficulties I guess. you could make a rule that says don't abuse it or us on any hard or easier diffs.

OsuMagic360 signing off
For Feature Requests you should limit it to one Request Per Thread per the guidelines. This way when people vote on requests they are voting on a single thing they want to see in the game.
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