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Tech mappers add tumours to their sliders to ""improve"" aesthetics right? Let's generate tumours on every slider to ""improve"" the whole map in one click!
I wrote this program that let's you generate tumours on every slider of your map, but you can also use it to generate tumours in a responsible way.

Why is this usefull
This program is super usefull for generating tumours or zigzags on your sliders. It can also convert Perfect sliders to Beziér sliders and Sotarks wave sliders to proper wave sliders. Depending on the situation this program can save hours of work.

- Generates tumours on sliders
- Works on any slider
- Automatically Changes SV on sliders to have them still be snapped
- Option to convert only one specified slider
- Converts sliders to Beziér
- Copious amounts of tumours
- NEW Option to specify every specific tumour using bookmarks
- NEW Option to specify every tumour's shape and time using green lines

How to use it
0. Make sure you have some kind of backup of your map
1. Download and open Tumour Generator.exe
2. Click browse and select the .osu of your map
3. Configure the options to how you want your tumours to look
3,5. Add bookmarks or greenlines in the beatmap for the non-standard version
4. Press the big button "Generate copious amounts of tumours"

- 'How to generate tumours' here you can specify how you wish to tell the program how to generate tumours. Look in the other box on how to use the Bookmarks and Greenlines modes.
- 'Distance between tumours' means how much space will be between each tumour measured in osu pixels. Increase this to get less tumours.
- 'Width of the tumours' is how much the tumours will be sticking out of the side of the original slider measured in osu pixels.
- 'Length of the tumours' is how much distance the tumour will clear on the original slider measured in osu pixels. Increasing this also decreases the frequency of tumours.
- 'Which side the tumours form' specifies on which side of the original slider the tumours will form.
- 'Specific slider time' let's you give the time in milliseconds of a slider in your map if you want to generate tumours on only that slider.
- 'Only middle tumour anchors' checking this causes only the protuding anchors of the tumour to be present in the resulting slider. This can be usefull for making zig zag anchors.
- 'Allow BPM Doubling' the program will automatically double the BPM in the whole map if a slider would require over 10x SV after generating the tumours.

Bookmarks mode:
In this mode, the program will generate tumours on every bookmark.
For example: If you place a bookmark halfway in a sliderbody, it will generate a tumour exactly where the sliderball is at that time.
All the options except for the Distance still apply for the tumours in this mode.

Greenlines mode:
This mode gives you full control over how tumours will be generated but it is also a bit more complicated.
Just like the bookmarks mode, this mode will generate tumours exactly where the sliderball is at the time of the greenline. That greenline will also determine the Width, Length, Sidedness and Angle of the tumour.

How greenline values correspond to tumour options:
- Width is the slider velocity multiplier. Width = (SV - 1.00) * 100
- Length is the sampleset index. Length = Index
- Sidedness is the sampleset and basicly just mirrors the angle.
* Normal set is normal angle
* Soft set is the mirrored version of the normal angle
* Drum set is the normal angle + 180 degrees
- Angle is the volume. This goes full 360 degrees. Angle = Volume / 100 * 360
- Kiai gives you double sided tumours.

Google Drive download V1.3
Google Drive download V1.2
Google Drive download V1

Known problems
- Catmull sliders get treated as liniar slider
- Inaccurate shape calculation for beziér sliders ending on a red anchor
- Very rare case of sliderends being a few ms unsnapped
more useful than modding assistant and hs copier
Nao Tomori
Hishiro Chizuru
Hi, this is the hard tech society, we need you to take down this post and contact us immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation
finally i can make properly aesthetic maps now
this is objectively the best thing to ever happen to osu
Nana Abe
holy fuck im poggin, time to become TEch mapper.
you were so preoccupied with the prospect that you could, that you didn't stop to think about whether or not you should
egg and cheese
finally mapping is saved
now that my aesthetics have been greatly improved with Slider Tumour Generator, people finally want to nominate my maps! thank you Slider Tumour Generator!
Wave sliders + tumours = Perfect aesthetics :3c
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