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Current Priority: +0
osu! for chorme OS will be nice, im very bored at school and the only thing i have is a Chrome OS laptop, so yeah i have 5 more years of school time, so i will wait!
hoping for the feature to come soon!
Hatzili the COOL
It maybe will be possible in osu!lazer with the flexible engine, but you'll have to wait quite a long time :/
i don't think chrome OS cant open 3rd party files so it would be hard to make it compatible unless you contact google themselves to add it too their app store. this may cost a lot of money and most Chromebooks would have trouble running osu because they use integrated graphics. overall it would cost alot of money and time for it to work.
It can be possible in the future if there is a release for Android as I do recall Chrome OS can run Android apps. For now though this can work with opsu! Read this to find out how to install it on your chromebook.
+1 Osu! should be on available on any machine cus it great
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