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kulau's modding queue | M4M ALWAYS OPEN | NM CLOSED (0/5) |

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kulau wrote:

kulau's modding queue!

Availability: M4M ALWAYS OPEN | NM CLOSED (0/5)

Welcome to my modding queue!
I'm not the most experienced mapper, but I will try to give good mods. I try not to be too subjective, but if your map is absolutely perfect in terms of rankability, I may give some advice about subjective things

1. read my last post
2. you can send tech maps but i'm less experienced in modding them
3. if you're a really experienced mapper and have a map that's pretty much ready for qualification, please don't send me a request, i promise i can't fix a map if i think it's perfect to my standards (i don't even have a ranked map myself yet)
4. if i accept your request through this form, i will start modding immediately. this means you can mod my map whenever it's convenient for you if you're doing M4M. (so please don't ask who's first, it will always be me if i accept your request.) I'll also try to accept everything in a long message listing each name, so look out for that if you're doing M4M.
5. no tickets plz

NM Rules
1. My NM queue is 5/5, so if 5 people request NM after my last post I made then please don't request me for NM
2. i prefer modding insane and higher diffs, but i am willing to mod other difficulties as well, i just might not have as much to say
3. i really have no preferences in song type when it comes to modding, so don't worry about that
4. Don't worry about putting song details here (other than the link), I can just check the link so it's less hassle
5. type soda anywhere in your message so i know you read this
My maps to mod
- My current beatmap:
(you can mod any of my difficulties, it doesn't really matter how many.)1. Please don't mod my map until I accept, so if I deny it would just be a NM
2. I generally never deny a beatmap except for rare circumstances so just remember that M4M is always open!
3. Don't worry about putting song details here (other than the link), I can just check the link so it's less hassle
4. If you want me to PM you when I accept so it's easier just tell me that in your message!
5. type chip anywhere in your message so i know you read this
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accepting first 3 request, then please don't request any more i can't accept.. thanks!!

If you can mod Normal, Hard and Absolution I can mod any difficulty on your set. PM me if you accept so I know who goes first and which difficulty on your set you want modded.

Thanks in advance and good luck with your queue!
any diffs(insane not recommended)
pm if u accept, ill mod first (also send link to your beatmap in your pm)
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M4M and NM open
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chashuramen wrote:

nm please ^^

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nobreakfast wrote:

nm ty!

hi nm request here
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Nelka714 wrote:

hi nm request here


breaks rule #1, i would honestly end up making this map worse if you accepted mods from me
good luck with this map though!
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(checking back in the morning for requests, i'll get to them then :) )
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xArief wrote:

will start modding all difficulties right now
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i'm gonna be gone for 10 hours, when i get back i will start accepting and modding everything posted. see ya! :)
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( i really need mods on my easy diff, i'll pretty much accept all mod reqs at this point )
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2lewd wrote:

accepted! will start modding now, you can start whenever
uhh if i can...? the site appears to be down
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just remember to read rules for NM if you want one, i'll be back around 25 mins to check

Pref NM but I will do M4M for practice, (it'd be my second time modding so careful what you wish for haha)

e: forgot to say soda and chip
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