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I think there'll be lots of classical fans here <3

<- fans of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Vivaldi

Fav. piece:
Bach: Toccata & Fugue
Beethoven: Moonlight sonata
Chopin: Fantasie Impromptu, Grand Polonaise Brillante Op22
Vivaldi: Four seasons (esp. Summer mov.3, Winter mov.1)

Discuss :3

Classical Music ftw.

BanYa is a good remixer of classical songs.

I bet the chinese know about these two amazing concertos well.

Yup, they're my favorites lol
Two of my personal favourites go to:
  1. Johann Sebastian Bach - Air on the G String
  2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem

Utterly delicious to listen to no matter what day, time or place it is.

Bach and Mozart have time after time made amazing musical pieces that are experiences in themselves to listen to without feeling out of place.
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and 7th symphony are truly awesome /o/ this one is pretty epic as well.

I'v been listening to Helen Jane Long for a long time, and I find it just astonishing beautiful ;__;
Did someone say classical music?

As far as listening to actual classical music, I tend to go through phases. Thanks to finals (and having a counterpoint class), I'm analyzing the following fugue, and it's my favourite out of the WTC:

Needless to say, this final doesn't feel very much like work but more like fun. \:D/

Tom&Jerry. <3

And this , I love so much

Moriya Suwako
Oh I love classical music very much :3
I like late-romantic music and 20-century-music such as Mahler,Ravel,Debussy,Schnittke,Scriabin very much.
But I also love Broque music like vivaldi and classical-period music like Beethoven.
Fürever Elise. ♥

GladiOol wrote:

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and 7th symphony are truly awesome /o/ this one is pretty epic as well.
This, I love moonlight Sonata and Franz Liszt's Lovedream.

Have gotten into classical music via Artcore and stuff. There's good "classical" stuff by goreshit, xi, 44teru-k etc.

always and forever
Beethoven: Fur Elise
Franz Liszt: La Campanella

And that's it.
Kanye West
I am a HUGE Chopin fan. Everything in this YouTube channel is...simply amazing.

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Maiden's Prayer is one of my all time favourite, it will be played once before I play any other song on the piano <3
dunno i only like chopin stuff and moonlight sonata,also ode to joy by beethoven

44teruk is awesome aswell

i think this one is classical too

Kyujuroku 96
Is there any fan of Maurice Ravel's Bolero? cuz I'm one
I'll probably map the Taiko no Tasujin DS verision soon

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