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Problem details: Essentially I just played a map i'd played a few times over the last few months on Osu!mania; and I'm noticing a scoring discrepancy that doesn't seem right AT ALL, and I don't really know how or why it's the way it is, right now.

the song in question is Wu Xuan Luan (4k Hard) on Osu!mania, and somehow the scoring algorithm has given me 7k less points for a run that arguably has literally EVERYTHING better in every way. I'm honestly really confused as to why as well.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

I'm going to take the time to point this out logically, i've got 384 rainbow 300s, 164 golden 300s, 12 green 200s, 1 blue 100, and an 838 combo with a 99.17 accuracy.

Here's image 2, from November 2nd, 2018; In the image you can see 372 rainbow 300s, 174 golden 300s, 14 green 200s, and 1 blue 100, you can see a 836 combo, and a 99.05 accuracy - logically this should be the lower score, or at least, it appears this way.

So, why isn't it?

osu! version: Stable 20181118.3 (latest)
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I'm going to preface this by saying I don't actually know how mania scoring works super well, but I do know a little. Anyone that actually plays mania can feel free to correct me.

If I had to guess, I'd say this is because of the placement of the 200s and 100s in both of your scores. If you go here and then scroll down a bit you'll find the formula that is used to calculate score for mania. Multiple 200s and 100s in a row probably impact your score a bit more than a couple spread out based on how the bonus is calculated

Feel free to check the replays to both of your scores to see if this is correct, could be the opposite of what I said to be honest, it's a little bit confusing to think about without examples. However, even if it is the exact opposite of what I said, it would still be due to the placement of your 200s and 100s.
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