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VELLEITY is a new addition to the Techno family of skins!
this is a skin that all started from a back button i made over 2 years ago but never used.

i don't really have much to say about this tbh, i literally winged it all and just went with what felt right, after a long needed break to focus on myself and IRL things i'm glad to say im back (it's been exactly 2 years since my last skin :O) and i can't wait for lazer to drop!

in the meantime, this should hold you all over..

Don't forget to check out the EXTRAS folder!

I hope you enjoy :D

Initial version released!

Edited Score/Combo number size
Changed Reversearrow (old one is in extras)
Changed default sliderfollowcircle to the one in extras (old one is in extras)

Main Menu

Song Select


Default Hitcircle

Thin Hitcircle (EXTRAS Folder!)

Skip Button

Pause and Fail Screens

Ranking Screen

Mod Icons

If you have any feedback/suggestions please feel free to post
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