bigboy's lilboy que for STD NM/M4M queue (open for NM)

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Firstly, [X]-Oracle is automatically disqualified, this is an m4m. Giass is automatically accepted because he went ahead and modded my map without any acceptance. Anyhow, the rest will be pmed if accepted.

Closed, pm me if interested in a GD.

Those Accepted from last round:

Check new website PMs if you are listed.
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Well, that last round did not take long at all. Will be accepting all kinds of mods, M4M will almost certainly be accepted unless I don't have the time.

New Mappers are preferred. If you are a moderate beginner or complete beginner, this queue is for all your first, second and third maps.

If you are an inexperienced modder, it does not matter. You can still do M4M if you are completely new to modding. First modders welcome here!

Finally, if you have 3-4 hype and need 5, let me know. I'll be sure to mod and take a look at the map.
M4M Please
Thanks in Advance!
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JoseSalazar15 you are accepted, allow me to mod your maps ASAP. Still open, keep up the posting

bigboythe3rd wrote:

JoseSalazar15 you are accepted, allow me to mod your maps ASAP. Still open, keep up the posting
You're allowed boy
NM please. Thank you.

6 difficulties(max 5.8*)
hey can I get an nm on the lower diffs (normal-light insane)
M4M please! Always available in DM.
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OK Closed. All M4M Requests will be sent pm. For the rest, I don't know if I will mod your map or just ignore it. All accepted maps will probably be edited into this post.

Accepted Mappers:
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New Round, and I want a specific format for this one.

Song Title:
pH of Water:
Length of Song:
Reason I Started Playing osu!:

Open for NM and M4M
Song Title: K.O.K.O.R.O
Artist: Halozy
pH of Water: 7.5
Length of Song: 1:18
Difficulties: 8
Reason I Started Playing osu!: it looked fun

Makoto chan
Hi, nm please
Song Title: My sweet maiden
Artist: Mia REGINA
pH of Water: 7.5
Length of Song: 1:29
Difficulties: 2 for now
Reason I Started Playing osu!: i saw some megalovania gameplay on yt and i wanted to do the same
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By water, I mean pure water. None of that basic stuff.
Hello again bigboy!
I need another mod, in this case is a M4M for this map: (calvin Harris & Dizee Rascal - Hype)
PM me with the map i'll mod, thanks!
My reason i started to play is...
Back to the 2014, i saw a few gameplays of it but in that moment i had no interest about rythtym games. Arround 2015, i knew Geometry Dash, what i considered the best rythym game, and now the game with baddest community and i nicknamed it as "The RSI Game" because it makes me an grave RSI in my right hand thing what i have now, and after his i loved the rythym games but because i keep the RSI problem i've scared bout how grave was this. After i view my friends playing osu! STD past year, and after i view the use of the right hand, i'm here now.
Song Title: Connect (TV Size)
Artist: Claris
pH of Water: 7.5
Length of Song: 1:30
Difficulties: 3
Reason I Started Playing osu!: friend showed me the game and it looked fun
M4M please
Song Title: Kimi ni Furete
Artist: Azuna Riko
pH of Water:
Length of Song: 1:54
Difficulties: 4
Reason I Started Playing osu!: i saw some stream in twitch and i wanted to play it too
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