Sly Instinct's STD Modding Queue [NM/M4M] (Open M4M Only)

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Sly Instinct
Welcome to my STD Modding Queue, i created this thread because i want to improve my modding skills, i'm pretty new at modding so don't expect too much of my mods.

For Spanish speakers: Puedo moderar en español si les acomoda más, sólo díganlo en su solicitud.

  1. Almost every K-ON! songs
  2. Yousei Teikoku

  1. STD Maps Only.
  2. No technical maps, i don't feel able to mod it yet.
  3. No songs longer than 5 mins. (Except for M4M)
  4. Your map should be going for ranked.
  5. Your map should be finished. (At least the diff you want me to mod)
  6. You should know how to map decently, you don't need to have a ranked map, just know the basics to be able to map well.
  7. You must specify what diff(s) should i mod, up to 2 if it's a 2:30-2:45 map, up to 3 if it's a TV Size, up to 6 if it's shorter (30-45sec); If you don't specify, i will choose randomly.
  8. Priority: M4M short maps > M4M long maps > NM maps (in order of request).
  9. Don't repost the same map if i rejected your request previously.
  10. If i don't like the song or the map is too bad, i won't mod it.

M4M Additional Rules:
  1. M4M is always open. (unless i say otherwise)
  2. I will PM you if i accept your request.
  3. You mod first.
  4. Don't start modding my map before i accept your request.
  5. I will mod the same drain time on your map that you mod on my map. (Approx) (For example: if my map is 4 minutes long and your map is 1 minute long, i will mod 4 diffs of your map)
  6. I will let you know when i have finished modding your map.

  1. Please be patient while waiting for my mod, it shouldn't take me more than one week since you request. (obviously it varies depending on the number of pending mods that i have)
  2. If i really like the song and/or mapset, or if i find important details, i probably will mod more diffs than you asked me.
  3. Sometimes i will mod your map in 2 or 3 parts (seldom), depending on various factors.
  4. If i don't find any issues on your map and i think it's perfectly rankeable i'll give you a hype.
  5. If your map have already 5 hypes (or more) i'll just write you a praise, because you don't need more hype and i need to save it for maps that haven't reach 5 hype yet.
  6. It would be nice if you could take a look to my map(s). (shown below)

My M4M Map:
hi, NM ! (Yuii' adv, Cris- Hyper and OnliBisc' Extreme!)

Pretty short map i want to get ranked! (48 seconds)

NM all diffs (i have only 3 diffs!)

Thanks in advance
Going for ranked and of course its finished.
Mod every difficulty except the Insane, thank you.
Map is very short, 45seconds.
NM req please :s

Insane or Expert would be appreciated.

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Sly Instinct
Well, i think it's enough for a beginning.

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Sly Instinct
Hi nm
would like you don't mod hard
M4M, short map.
forum pm me the map you want modded to remind me, thanks!
NM please

any diff is fine thanks!
NM please

Both diff (easy, normal) thank you!!
need mods for easy and insane only
any diffs(insane not recommend)
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Sly Instinct
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