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Why don't you play Taiko?

Lack of beginner maps that are meant for Taiko mode.
15.26% 65
The game mode doesn't look fun to me.
24.65% 105
I tried playing it, but was having difficulties learning so I gave up / quit.
45.54% 194
Other (Please Specify / Post in the thread your reason)
14.55% 62
Total votes: 426
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I do play Taiko.
However, I do agree there is a serious lack of easier Taiko diffs.
I will not much argue about this, so I will give you guys just some links and infos for now.

p/300584 - A thread where people can learn how to play taiko with beginner friendly diffs.
lepidopodus skydrive - Here you can find many authentic maps and some other maps from him with beginner friendly maps
p/523140 - A thread from OnosakiHito where you can find also whole Taiko-Sets

Else, people can enter into the beatmap search function ,,taiko no tatsujin" or ,,OnosakiHito" since they can find there futsuu and muzukashii maps.
Right now as I know, I'm the only one who is making everytime more diffs for a map-set if the number of slots or the beatmap creator allows it.

Another support I have wanted to give in near future is to open a thread were Taiko-people can make with me for allready ranked beatmaps offline Taiko-Sets which external links can be edited into the first post of a allready ranked beatmap. Since editing the post dosen't effect the Heart/Bubble sign anymore, this is possible.

(If you didn't understand it, just tell me lol)
As I already told your karter, that mod is unplayable and boring since it takes like 20 hours to find a fun map you can play as a beginner (challenging but not impossible). I think this issue comes out from the fact that there isn't any kind of rule like "if you map an Insane you need to map at least one easy difficulty". Even when I'm against this rule, I'd say that something like "you must map some beginner playable difficulty if you want your Oni ranked" would do just fine.

osu! diffs converted to Taiko suck hard, are boring or just unplayable because of ridiculous AR (can't play AR 9 at all if you're a beginner, you can't even read any pattern), and most Oni are filled with dkdk kkddkk kdkdkkd so you can't play them at all if you don't have some practice.

Having exclusive Taiko maps getting ranked, having Standard,Advanced, Muzukashii, Oni and Inner Oni (were those the taiko diff names?) like those maps you linked me would do the job.
^ This rule wouldn't help that much right now since we have limited slots.
Edited: Having exclusive Taiko maps getting ranked, having Standard,Advanced, Muzukashii, Oni and Inner Oni (were those the taiko diff names?) like those maps you linked me would do the job.

That stuff about "limited slots" was, is and will be retarded since it's the mapper's problem if he wants to have a thousand diffs or just three, he knows that if he adds more diffs it will take longer to get it ranked, if he doesn't mind taking that "risk" then it'd be fine.
http://osu.ppy.sh/s/35211 - I agree with what you said. But well, that's another topic I guess.
I want an arcade drum first.
That's the only reason keeping from playing the mode.
Is every map from Taiko no Tatsujin (the original game, I mean) on osu!? I mean, if we had some kind of super Taiko pack were we could download every original map from the original game it'd be quite cool and way easier to start playing. At least when I played the game in Japan it was quite fun since I had tons of songs with 4 difficulties each, well tagged and ordered so I could easily find what to play. Having the 10 stars system helps too since you can divide difficulties much better (having 4 tiers, and 10 other tiers into it called stars). But here on osu! it's a pain in the ass.

If that already exists, link plx. xd
Option 3

But I didn't give up or quit, i'm trying to improve D:
I tried it before but it is hard as shit.
Pretty much 1 and 3. I couldn't find any easy maps and I thought it was hard to learn - as in, I had no idea what I was doing and tried to figure it out but it only halfway worked lol :P
Doesn't look fun.
I play stepmania instead of taiko :3
Much more fun imho.
I'm a standard mode player, but I love Taiko. The fact is everyone can become pro in Taiko if they keep playing, unlike osu! standard mode where not everyone owns a tablet or have extreme mouse skills or 200 bpm finger speed. Taiko is simply a rhythm game. You just pay attention to the rhythm. And your skill will gradually improve after lots of plays.
progress in osu! is top priority atm, that's all there is to it for me
1. There aren't that many beginner maps.
2. I don't like how it's only keyboard. I started playing because standard mode is a game of both rhythm and mouse coordination.
3. It doesn't look like fun, it seems unrewarding to me the little bit I have played.
4. The sun gives me nightmares.
Taiko Oni's are too hard
I did try venturing a go at the mode but it never clicked in my head as something that I would actually enjoy playing regardless of however long I decided to play it. So, as a repercussion I stay away from it and focus on standard with some rare CTB on the side.
I think taiko is cool and I tried to learn it, but it's just too hard for me. My rhythm sucks and I ended up relying mostly on vision when i played it.
If some part required use of two hands it was completely incomprehensible for me.

I simply wasn't satisfied and just gave up.
Because having to distinguish between two different things to hit is impossible for me.
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