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Billain feat. Malux - Extraction

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 11 января 2019 г. at 9:45:15

Artist: Billain feat. Malux
Title: Extraction
Tags: yf yf_bmp skystar amamiya yuko toybot j1 j1_ den0saur denosaur byfar lcfc lowcombofc taku sing mao pishifat evilelvis jounzan sharu [_sharuresu_] regou hotdog 1112 suzuki_1112 -tochi pono ponoyoshi neurofunk dnb drum & bass cyberpunk experimental badtaste scifi technical collab marathon
BPM: 174
Filesize: 24003kb
Play Time: 05:31
Difficulties Available:
  1. Edge (5,95 stars, 1506 notes)

Download: Billain feat. Malux - Extraction
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

yf_bmp // toybot // J1_ // den0saur // Skystar // byfar // lcfc // taku // Sing // Mao // Jounzan // Regou // NeilPerry // Sharu // pishifat
Hitsounds by Suzuki_1112
Storyboard by -Tochi and PoNo
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