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when we use double key?

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Ok im newbie in osu,i just want to ask something

right now i play osu just press one key and i dont know for what the second key

please senpai answer my question

( don't understand? Im sorry , i literly can't talk english )
No you have to use the second key. It's not physically impossible to single tap high bpm streams.
Tad Fibonacci
You should practice using both keys, they default keys should be X and Z.
I believe that 1 and 2 stars maps doesn't really require using the 2nd key but there will be triples in 3 stars map which can help you practice alternating between the 2 keys.
if you can singletap a dragonforce map then ill literally fucking worship you
Usually, you want to use the 2nd key when the maps and patterns get too fast for you to play accurately with just the 1 key.
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thank u senpai, now i can dead in peace
Keep playing and when you feel prepared start playing 3* maps, in that diff there will be triplets and if you dont alternate, you will definitly miss. When you start finding triplets; try to alternate like zxz or xzx
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