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Uhh.. watch videos from my subscription box on youtube, watch anime, read manga, pretend that I'm studying, play the guitar stalk people on facebook or browse forums like I'm doing now xD

Emaal wrote:

I like going over to my bed, and take a fap for a few hours.
this emaal
piano, play games (currently bioshock), watch anime, study, chat, AMVs, youtube, and fap.
i waste all my time on MMOs (fuck yeah Tera), LoL, and currently airing anime. apart from that, posting at various different forums, listening to music, and lurking youtube.
Play with shellghost and nary's balls.
Well... at the time I have no PC in my house, so I just take my cell phone and I chat on facebook...

Nothing interesting really.
watch anime, read manga or chat on facebook
music oh and mango and also swimming/bycicling or whatevs its called
The usual=watch anime,read manga,,playing PSP/PC/PS3 games and daydreaming.
F m L
Browse the off-topic threads
Watching Anime/ Reading Manga, Along with sleeping.
Minty Gum
stalk people
be yandere
play with knives
Play with puppies ^^
I spend like 4 hours on youtube everyday
Animu, FFXI, Mahjong, youtube
Micaela Mousiki
Browsing lolcats, making stories, playing piano and ADVENTURE! xD
Watch anime, read manga, bake sweets, cook food, fold paper, sew, and other random crap.
Games, skypu, animu (rarely), nikita, drawings aaand internet zapping. ;_;
I spent most of my day reading forums
When I am not doing this, I am playing osu, pokémon or reading/watching anime/manga.

That's my life.
Restless Spirit
I still can play osu! when I'm tired. Thanks to ztrot. But when I'm not playing osu! I usually browse forums and the general internet for stuff. Mostly Miku stuffz and music. Or I am browsing beatmaps which I can't afford playing at the current state of my awareness of reality due to my ability of being tired all day long.

When I'm not doing this i browse chatrooms or I ask a mate of mine for something to read (I should start Whately Academy though...) or I listen to the music in my osu! folder. I also could draw pictures or write stories or something similar.
watch anime, read manga and the news (?)
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