[CLOSED] Nyantiaz’s GD Queue! (STD)

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hello there fellow circle mappers 👋 ⭕️ ✏️
This is my ENH GD Queue, where I take Easy, Normal, Hard, and (sometimes) Insane GD Reqs for you guys! Below are the rules:

1) ATM I’m not doing full ver songs (3+minutes) because I’m a little more busy and I wouldn’t want you waiting for a GD so long. I might make an exception if I really like the song. For now though, only request songs under 2:15~ time

2) i’d like to kms when attempting to make tech and metal, so if possible please try not to request hardcore tech or metal

3) This is a GD queue, not a mod queue so if you need a mod you can find another queue pls xd

4) Read last post! It will say if it’s closed or open and how many reqs I’m taking!

5) All STD Mappers welcome! Even if you’re a beginner or if you can rank maps like Andrea can, you can still req!

optional rule 6) if you want to, state your waifu in your post (doesn’t have to be from anime, can be cartoon, tv show and also doesn’t need to be female either xd)

If you see your name on this list, ignore everything in this queue and forum-PM/in-game message me:
- Matsubara Kanon
- Froskya
- Xenon-
- _Meep_
- Peter
- Marianna

that’s all! good luck you noo🅱️s
owo GD for Normal please, (you can do hard if you want tho). Thanks and waifu would be Sakurauchi Riko from Love Live Sunshine <3

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bumping queue
open for 2-3 reqs! gogogo!
top diff around a light insane diff, basically 3,8*
hope it's not too much for you :v
Hard diff would be cool! (Ik you said 2:30 or less, just if you like the song or something lol)
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