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Hi there, this is a problem that has been bugging me for the longest time on osu,
When in game, zeros are handled the same way as "o"'s (the character)
I have a couple ranked maps in the game and I think it is frustrating for other people when they see my name in the game client, and they try to get to my userpage or find out about me. Only to end up going to another user called "boo"

Is it possible to change the font used in the game client to make the difference between 0's and o's more distinct?
I think its just a bit misleading and confusing for a lot of people...

If this is at all possible to fix it would be very nice to see!

Thanks! :3
I get what you say. But the title is not very clear. Change it to something like:
Change font in-game for 'O' and '0'
There's an alternative font under 'Language' in options, it's the second option. It fixes the problem by using Tahoma font, but it isn't enabled by default, maybe a fix would be to make it enabled by default. I use it because it was impossible to read 0's and o's as you say.
zeros should have the slash through them like in

This would be fixed by a slash or by numbers being full height rather than the weird mid height with offset that is used now.

While it may look nice, the two most important aspects of design are aesthetics and usability. If you make it look aesthetically pleasing but sacrifice on usability then it is not a good design.
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