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❖Acen's Graphics Thread❖ [ Open! ]

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● Read this before requesting
● No multirequesting (also please read this)
● Only high quality images will be accepted
● Provide your images (I won't search for them)
● Follow the request format
● Use my work at least one week (I'll check)
● Be patient please (I have IRL things to do too)
● Don't request in the pm
● If you want to change something that i made, send me a pm
● Don't spam
● No nsfw (+18) content
● Type: Avatar, Collab, Userpage Banner, Gif Banner, Tournament Banner (Acen), Signature, Userpage Bars, Youtube Banner, Twitter Header, Beatmap Banner, Other.
● Image: Link to the image
● Size: (Avatar Default: 128x128 / Banner Default: 623x192 / Signature: Max 659x154 l Large 600x154 l Medium 500x140 l Small 450x125 / Twitter Header Default: 1500x500 / Beatmap Banner Default: 415x120 / Youtube Banner Default: 2120x350 / Userpage Bars Default: 600x36 / Other.)
● Text: Yes/No (If "Yes" especify the text)
● Border: Yes/No especify ( Normal line, Cut Line, Dotted Line, Internal Line, Cross Line)
● Shape: (Circle, Rounded, Square, Tear, Pentagon, Cloud, etc.)
● Gif: Yes/No (Specify the gif that you want and provide it if you can)
● Extra: (Any addition you want)

More soon...

More soon...

More soon...

Hiii (good luck) :3

Type : Signature
Image link :
Size : 659x154
Text : Yes : "Alone everytime , Alone everyday"
Border : No border
GIF : Yes : I would like to have a rain effect and a pretty chill effect.
Extra : I would like to have a pretty chill effect.
Type : Banner
Image link :
Size : 623x192
Text : "Ora-sama" and below "The Alone Ctb player"
Border : No border
GIF : No gif
Extra : I would like to have a pretty chill effect too. ;)

Thank you very much and good luck once again. :3
good luck!
Type : Banner
Image link :
Size : 623x192
Text : "Munchkin's Userpage"
Border : No border
GIF : gif
Extra : I was thinking falling petals for the gif! Thanks so much : )
Hey :)

Type: Avatar
Size: 128x128
Text: Syaro
Image: /
Border: Normal
Shape: -
Extras: idk make it somehow cute pls ^^

Have a nice day <3
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