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You thought the 24-Hour Tournament was over wasn't it? Well, now it's back for more.

Welcome to the SECOND ITERATION of the 24-Hour Tournament! Like the first one, it's a rapid tournament, but you only have a day to practice the mappool!

Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The maximum amount of players that can sign up is 64.
Registration deadline is November 9, 2018 00:00 GMT. The mappool comes out the same day at 15:00 GMT. The tournament will start on November 10, 2018 15:00 GMT.

This is an osu! Standard tournament. The rank range is 25-60k with 2,000 rank buffer. You may not participate in the tournament if you are above 23,000 or below 62,000.
Stream (Stream Link TBA)
Host: M1keL
Admins:-SURPRISE-, steve_04_
Poolers:-SURPRISE-, RubyPhire, Shymshym, ScreenTear,Shiiraki
Streamers: october, -SURPRISE-
Refs: Kondi, Shymshym, -SURPRISE-, Veno-, YYZ,Gresiu,-C O N T R A L-,DaNkMeM, Shiiraki, YYZ
We are looking for more staff so if you ever want to help it would be highly appreciated :D Let me know by dropping me a message in osu or in discord.
Post the following (copy paste this onto your forum post):
Discord Username:
Make sure after you are done to join the discord. You will receive a notification via discord once you have been registered. YOU MUST STAY IN THE DISCORD FOR THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT. FAILING TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION.
Make sure to change your discord name in the server to your osu username too!

You will have considered to have been registered for the tournament only once you have posted here and have the Player role in the discord.
2 months supporter for winner
1 month support for runner up
Do you want to donate and make the tournament EVEN MORE AWESOME??? Contact me on Discord (MikeL#1136) if you want to donate to PayPal. 100% of your proceeds will go to supporting the tournament!
Registration Deadline is November 9 2018 00:00 GMT, Mappool will be released 15:00 GMT the same day. This is a one-day tournament
November 10 2018 14:45 GMT - Brackets Released
15:00 GMT - RO64
15:45 GMT - RO32
16:30 GMT - RO16
17:15 GMT - Quarter-Finals
18:00 GMT - Semi-Finals
18:45 GMT - 3rd Place Match + Final
The timings for the 3rd place match, semi-finals, and finals are subject to change and begin as soon as the previous one is finished, however every other timing will be followed.
All matches will be BO5 except for the Semi-Finals and Finals, which will be BO7.

For RO64, RO32 and RO16, the matches are self-reffed, however refs will be on standby to help in case something happens. No warmups will be allowed until the semi-finals. Warmups are limited to 3 minutes max.

All matches should begin immediately, or as soon as possible. If your opponent does not show up within 10 minutes post your match link in #match-log with you in the game.

Once a match has ended, post your match link in #match-log and wait for the next bracket to begin.

When creating a match, format the title like this: 24 HS: (Player 1) vs. (Player 2)

Lobby should be set as ScoreV2, Team vs Team.

For picking maps, both players roll. The player with the higher roll will pick the first map, while the player with the lower roll bans the first map. After that, players alternate picking maps.
If a player fails mid-map, then the other player will be declared a winner.

If a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of a map, the map can be restarted. This may only happen to each player once in a match.

For Freemod, players are allowed to pick one of the following mods : HD, HR, FL, or EZ. A mod MUST be picked for Freemod. For tiebreaker, a mod may be picked, but it can be played nomod.

If both players do not show up, the player with the higher rank moves on.

Refs/Admins have final say in the event of a dispute.
Name: KingTaiki
Rank: 50010
Discord Username: KingTaiki#6749
Name: Likean00b
Rank: 31k ish
Discord Username: Likean00b#3869
Name: Phymiath
Rank: 43,915
Discord Username: Phymiath#6871
Rank: #24,205
Discord Username: tobey#3156
Name: clorox_1g 
Rank: #59'113
Discord Username: clorox_1g (very nice person)

Name: Hitsounds
Rank: 41000
Discord Username: Hitsounds#8776
Name: Diempyl
Rank: 31,923
Discord Username: Diempyl#5886
Discord Username: Blaste#3259
Name: Kopio XIII
Rank: 34132
Discord Username: Kopio XIII#9922
Name: DimasKolbas
Discord Username: DimasKolbas#3404
Name: philpianz
Rank: #28461
Discord Username: kunari#3123
Discord Username:Alvaro170#1262
Name: UnnamedBeast
Rank: 39176
Discord Username: UnnamedBeast#0618
Name: Elias[me]
Rank: #35.390
Discord Username: Justin#1316
Name: ItsMeKatsuo
Rank:35 450
Discord Username:Katsuo#6055
Name: Do0mGamer
Rank: 61,917
Discord Username: LeroyP#4110
Name: -rush
Rank: 40346
Discord Username: rush#4725
Name: Xpekade
Rank: 31155
Discord Username: Xpekade#3254
Name: KnocksFruit
Rank: 33,690
Discord Username: soap. xd#4520
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