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I would scream fuck yeah. Then delete and do it again

What would you do if your parents if you don't have don't answer because I will feel bad for asking sold your computer without saying you nothing?
i would make them buy another one

what would you do if your most loved one doesn't remember you anymore
Sit by their side in sorrow ;A;

What would you do if you could swap genders for a day? >:3
Discover all the things I still don't know about that body

Probably flirt with and tease at some of my guy friends who will never see "her" ever again. (Supposing I turn out reasonably looking and not too similar)

WWYDI you could become a prodigy at any one thing in an instant.
Learning languages or being an attorney and be the new Franziska lol

What would you do if a woman comes and say that she is your real mother?
i'd say "gtfo, i'm my mother."
same q

If you woke up and your room was empty?
Freak out

What would you do if you knew you were getting stalked on your way back home?
First of all, loose myself, and say "aaaaah, I loose myseeelf, is someone here to heeelp meeee?" to make the stalker run or show itself

What would you do if people from the bank call you and say "we used all of your money, and we're now closing"?
Call the police and report about it.

What would you do if your mom caught you while watching porn?
Well after she'd slam the door, I'd put my pants on, stop watching porn, sit on my chair and have overly exaggerated thoughts on what she would do to me while I await what I would assume to be a slow and painful death.

What would you do if someone important to you broke your favourite thing?
Accept it. I would be sad, but well.

What would you do if someone important to you passed away?(dead)
I would die.

What would you do if I told you I'd let you have my body for a night?
abuse it

if you could have mimi's body for a night?

What would you do if you have unlimited amount of money for a day?
Buyfag a high performance computer set,
Buyfag all anime figurines *^*
Pay all the bills + give extra money for extensions
Donate in many places, including osu! ( lol )
+ Multiply money to be saved after the duration of 24 hours.

What would you do if someone in front of you flips the tables around?
Jump back to make sure that it doesn't hit me on the head
If you had the option to either use me as a slave for 48 hours what would you do?
What? Either?
Doesn't matter. I would whip you~ And kick you~ And pull you around on a leash~ To my heart's content <3
Oh what a wonderful 2 days it would be~ <3

Oh yeah and you can like, go wash the dishes too I guess.

What would you do if I enslaved Tuxdude?~
Pfft! I'd just go with it.

What would you do if you were given a free Pikachu? [IRL]
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