osu! Singapore Sightread Tournament 4 Mapper Recruitment

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What is this about?

We’re trying to recruit new mappers for our the osu! Singapore Sightread Tournament
It is a tournament only open to Singaporean players, however the mapping is open to anybody.

When will this tournament take place?

When we finish the map pool.

What are the rules in mapping for this tournament?

Maps have to be above 4* in difficulty
Preferably songs longer than 1:30
The maps must be unsubmitted and must not be accessible to any of the players involved in the tournament.
The maps cannot be shown to the players involved.
Any genre of music is allowed to be mapped
Disclaimer: Changes might have to be made on maps for this tournament, if you wish to have your map used, you would have to comply to this:
We will still have to decide whether to accept the maps once they are done, that they meet certain criteria and standard
It is not certain that all mappers will have their maps in the tournament, but it is something we are trying to work to
Any addition of maps after the mapping stage will be added to the following tournament’s pools.
Basic requirements of the maps: Fully mapped, at least a BG added. Hitsounds are optional (unless playability is affected too much if not present)
You can no longer participate as a player once you have expressed intention to map

What will you gain from mapping in this tournament?

Experience - We have several veteran mappers already mapping/mapped in this tournament, and we can learn things from each other. We can also gain feedback from each other.
Exposure - Get your map played by the players in the tournament.

Join our Discord to get more information
I guess I could do this..
i could try and do a map
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