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I'm getting a gaming keypad (Razer orbweaver) for OSU and other games I play. The keypad allows me to customize/remap at driver level. So if I decide to play classic OSU with four fingers tapping is it against the rules?

Please do not question my decision or try to persuade me to not try it out. I just need to know if it is a bannable offense.

I'm assigning k1 to k4 with Z X Z X or M1 M2 Z X
I've seen someone on youtube do it, it works, but if it's forbidden? idk...

Rules - wiki wrote:

Play fair. Using third-party utilities of any kind to get any sort of advantage is not okay. This includes things like macro programs, aim-assist programs, timescale modification, and so on. If a program is doing something to help you play the game that you should be doing yourself, it isn't okay!
So you’re probably fine according to this statement, but still, consulting with GMs would be best for clarification.
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