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started taiko about a week ago, and still have no idea how yellow notes work aside from mashing and praying I can get an okay amount of points. I played regular osu for a while so I'd like to think I can tap decently fast so it seems like I should be able to get points on them more consistently. Is there some trick? (other than tapping like mad and praying to get points)

(Sorry for the dumb question, thanks in advance)
The yellow notes have small stars (depending on the skin you use) that you have to hit according to the rhythm.
Oh okay. kinda frustrating from an osu player since on there when you get 100% it means you got 100% of the points not including sliders, in taiko I can 100% and lose to someone who has 90% acc

How should I hit them though?
Actually although it says 100% even when you miss sliders, technically counts still as a miss, for example you won't get the combo achievement if you miss even one slider star/dot but it's really not something to worry about too much, majority of taiko-specific maps have very few sliders, since you're coming from osu!standard I imagine you're playing converted betamaps, they may be good for pp farming but the patterns are a mess, some 4* maps are close to impossible to FC because of that even thought they're just 4 stars.

Anyway, if your eye is fast enough to read the stars/dots on sliders, just think of them as more circles to hit, very close circles without color, hitting them to the rhythm like babysnakes recommended usually works well on them, I'd alternate dk.

By the way, big circles need to be hit with both buttons of the same color, don't ignore them or you'll lose a LOT of points. I'm telling this because you're new to taiko and when I was new I didn't know much about the original taiko and I played for a long time losing all those good potential points...

What skin do you use? I made 2 custom png for sliders to make them a bit larger if you need, it works for me (on 1080p res at least):

the real problem with the yellow notes as of now are it notelocking if you mistime it in anyway, so just mindlessly mash the notes would barely get you any points. The best you can do at the moment is just think of them as 1/4s, or 'to the rhythm' as BabySnakes said.
Yellow notes only affects score. Personally I don't care whether I hit them or not. Usually they are all set with 1/4 note interval.
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