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idk if this has been requested already (sorry if it has), but I thought it would be a good idea to add a twitch link to your profile.

There's a Twitch icon instead of the link icon if you can't tell

I think we can go further with this though. You know those purple status thingies on Discord that let you know someone is streaming? Maybe we can implement that in Osu?
So, if I was streaming, there could be a purple box around my name when viewing the Osu!Bancho menu.

Purple Box to indicate that I'm streaming thingy

And then when I click on the user, there could be an option to view that person's Twitch stream.

4th option that directs you to the person's twitch

So, yea. That's my idea lel. If it's something that can't be implemented sorry lol.

Edit: ok i forgot to mention that i know about the osu!live thingy on the website. But I think having it ingame might be more accessible to the majority of the player base.
This is pretty interesting. I'd love to see something like this.

Maybe we could even get notifications ingame when someone on your friends list goes live.
Would definitely increase overall twitch viewership of osu!, which means more publicity for the game. If someone wants to spectate, they can instead choose to visit that persons stream for possible extra features that regular spectating can't provide. Definitely an integration that would work out well for the game. Might even decrease (or maybe increase) the spam of people advertising their twitch channels in #osu chat. But that's something else. If they're going to add "View persons twitch" then there would be arguments to also add "View persons twitter" in-game. And possible other integrations like youtube streaming, peoples discords and other social 3rd party platforms. And at that point you start wondering how many options is too many? When you click on someones name in chat there's already 7 options available. And at a certain point the focus will no longer be on osu, but more on other platforms. So I agree with a twitch link on the profile, but an in-game integration might be too much.
I like this idea. Basically a Streamer Mode on Discord for osu!. Personally I would only want it to be visible while streaming, however.
Since we can spectate in osu! directly, that could be kinda hard. But I like the idea of having the link in your profile.
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