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After a few days of doing GD with the new discussion thing, I felt that there's no equivalent of the old forum post to send a GD update other than using Forum PM. And after a while, my "Sent" box has been full with titles such as "GD" or "GD Update" or "GD <mapname>" which made things kind of messy inside my forum PM.

Then I thought that the new modding discussion thread need an "GD Update" panel to help sort out what GD has been updated and what GD hasn't been updated yet. Also you can revert a GD to the previous version of it with this.

Here's a mockup of what I think the panel would look like.

I know this is only coming from me, but I think this would help more people sort their GDs. Especially when the map is 50%+ GDs from various people.
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Supporting this. This would help so much in the upload and update for guest difficulties.

Also there was another thread that proposed a system to allow mappers to update their guest difficulties through the editor, or something like that, to resolve and update their mods without having the mapset creator uploading the GD's.
I suggest you make an issue here: https://github.com/ppy/osu-web/issues
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