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Do apples count?
Ramen from GTO.

mathexpert9981 wrote:

And god I despised that movie.
All those sweets from K-ON series..

I just want to steal a strawberry... :3 And don't forget their tea..
Note L
Soba Omelet Sandwich from TWGOK.. :D
K a Y e

anzo-nii wrote:

All those sweets from K-ON series..

I just want to steal a strawberry... :3 And don't forget their tea..
^ That :P

and some Dangos!!
Xylem Beer

Faust wrote:

I really want to try this.

anzo-nii wrote:

All those sweets from K-ON series..
they have magical cake >< I wanna try!!

ATTACH[ss (2012-04-16 at 09.58.07).jpg]
melon pan to takoyaki

Most of the foods you see in anime you can buy in Hawaii, but the one thing I never got to try or have seen is Dango. Just because of this thread I am now going on youtube and searching for how to make it. I'm eating DANGO TODAY!
Dango, Takoyaki, Pocky, Ramen, Onigiri, and this:
dorayaki from doraemon :p
Mapo tofu AB
I eat....rice

Milli wrote:

I eat....rice
this and some of sake with a fried fish and a miso soup
The Ribbon Red

Milli wrote:

I eat....rice

The most common food in Anime.
spicy-hot mapo-tofu sauce aka shichuan tofu,, from angel beats! XD
Pocky and Ramen <3

Good picture \:D/
orgh,, it makes me hungry XD~
I've eaten most of the stuff that I've wanted from watching anime.

Unagidon is probably my favorite by far. Some places are hit or miss with it though and it makes me sad that the best and most affordable place for eel bowls is about 50 minutes away from me. The taste of the sushi rice in it is so pure and clean. The melt-in-your-mouth eel is juicy and flavorful and the eel sauce that they drizzle across the eel pieces and rice sweeten the entire thing.

Takoyaki is probably my second favorite. The combination of the fluffy dough and the surprise of the octopus bits on the inside is delicious but the condiments and shreddings that they sprinkle on top of the octopus balls probably are what make them. The tastes just compliment each other so well.

After watching so many Shana episodes, I also wanted to try melon bread. After eating them on three separate occasions, I realized that they taste more like normal fluffy bread with sugar on top. :( Although it makes me want to try the specialty melon bread from Yakitate!! Japan because in the show, they make it with real melon so it has a much more defined taste.

Yakisoba is actually pretty good. There's not much I can say about it. Yummy hearty noodles with a slew of light-tasting vegetables combined with a really nice sauce pretty much.

The octopus-shaped sausages are just boiled hot dogs. You cut them in half and make slits in the bottom and boil them like that. The sliced bits expand and creates the octopus-like legs. Nothing too special, just cute. Similar to those apple rabbits that you see in anime too. Super cute. :3

Onigiri can be super nice too depending on how much you like what is stuffed in the rice or if you just like the rice and nori itself. I enjoy onigiri and make it as a snack from time to time and stuff them with a mix of artificial crab and cream cheese. Delicious and sweet. I also love sprinkling tamago rice seasoning on the onigiri if I want it to taste like eggs and breakfast!

I've had far too much Pocky to want to comment on it. Too many Asian grocery stores around here for me not to try them.

I guess one thing I would love to try is Japanese Golden Curry. The curry we make here at home is really inconvenient because we put certain leafy veggies in it and bones to flavor the curry so it ends up on the plate too and makes the whole eating experience not as smooth as Japanese curry, which is usually pretty straightforward.

I think I would also love to try the sweet crepes that you see in a lot of anime "festival episodes" that usually has fruit and cream or chocolate.

I don't think I would enjoy dango because of the sticky texture of rice flour that they use for them. I might want to try taiyaki (the fish-shaped pastries) only if it were filled with something sweet like custard or chocolate because those seem like they would compliment the taste of the waffle outer part the best.


I love food. :(

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