How to Vibro or Jackhammer whatever. Help

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There is no special method to playing jacks. You just

Brot2134 wrote:

need to practice
Download "sanatenshin" pack from here: (it is focused on jacks and vibro mostly)

Then play all maps, starting from 3* difficulty. There won't be many jacks at first, but it gets pretty ridiculous pretty fast.

P.S. You should actually download all the packs from that link. Tons of good stuff for various skill sets there.
you don't need to learn to vibro

it is an irrelevant skillset that will not help you in normal play

the only time you will play vibro is if you play vibro files
get Parkinson
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hmmm okay then thanks for deez suggestions. Thanks for this map lists and ill just keep playing vibro maps then. i think vibro is sometimes important on some ranked maps like Galaxy Collapse. Imma try to get parkinsons and palsy to get even more better too.
Galaxy Collapse is not vibro. Not a single ranked map is vibro.

Check out "Attang Compilation" on youtube if you want to see how actual vibro looks and plays like.
pure genetics or absolutely tearing your arms to shreds

worthless meme skillset for DT farming
Vibro is only apply if you are playing either meme maps (in most cases) or DT farming (personally, you're really not developing the skill by "mashing.") However for jackhammers, I would say to start off playing some wristjack files to help you out.
There's no vibro in ranked maps

Except for DT
A shit tonne of caffeine usually helps me get my hands twitching, works for me.

EdwardSon wrote:

There's no vibro in ranked maps

Except for DT
no, that's just note spam
get a turb o keyboard
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